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What is the One musical genre that you say you hate the most?

Ahkrin Descol

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Scream-ridden metal... completely ruins the instrument playing


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Any metal at all makes my ears bleed. I swear they're speaking English or whatever their main language is under all that noise. Oy! For music I wouldn't be caught dead blaring anywhere, its a lot of rap/hip-hop that sort of genre.

For those that say all modern pop is crap, well, every decade has its crap music. Not just the 2010s. ;)


A few words in protection of Country (not your Keith Urbain shit but other some and somes).

Country can be really interesting and fun if you follow some good artists. Roy Buchanan for instance, "the greatest guitarist you don't know", played country instrumentals through the 70's such as an amazing original, "Sweet Dreams". The Byrds fell into country with some great songs like 1968's "Change Is Now", which is psychedelic rock meets country. I really dig The Flying Burrito Brothers, which are very very country. A choice track by them is "Christine's Tune". Hell, The Band could be called country rock, and they're fucking amazing (if you haven't heard their self titled album, or the best concert movie ever shot "The Last Waltz", directed by a Martin Scorsese, please check em out).

Then there's alt-country which can be cool. Like Uncle Tupelo for instance, (choice track is "Gun" off 1991's Still Feel Gone), which was an early Jeff Tweedy (of Wilco fame) venture. I love the Meat Puppets II, the Meat Puppets' second album which has some pretty strong country vibes underneath insane 80's indie-rock.

Fuck how about Neil Young's "Roll Another Number (For The Road)"? It's just a fuckin' drunk mess of a song, and its country and I love it and the album its off of, 1975's "Tonight's the Night".

Plentyyyy of great country through the years, although modern pop country is pretty much cancer and some of the worst music coming out under the banner of pop.

Sorry for the essay, I dig music.


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I didn't want to say it without giving it one more chance, but I'm so tired of modern rap and its community; all the rappers I am cool with have either turned to shit, haven't been active, are only rap influenced or are actually decent people called pussies because they didn't grow up killing eachother in the hood. I can't honestly be in a conversation about music and hear rap anymore without having to bite my tongue, and it's a shame.

I dunno, modern era of hip-hop is great because there are many alternative musicians who rap about all sorts of stuff. Conscious hip-hop is on its peak now, and even more popular artists seem to either deconstruct all that gangsta attitude (Kendrick Lamar's GKBC and To Pimp a Butterfly) or knowingly embracing it to the point of absolute camp (Run The Jewels, Death Grips). 2000s rap was so much worse in that regard, I may say.

As for the topic, I can't stand mainstream EDM scene. I really like all sorts of electronic music, from cheesy rave and eurodance athems to grindy action-packed jungle and DnB to moody garage wobwobs to some totally-incomprehensible-but-still-somewhat-cool stuff like Autechre and later Aphex Twin. But I can't stand so-called "club music" of the 2010s at all - sampling is primitive, beats are obnoxious, and producing methods are usually so predictable and unoriginal that I wonder if this kind of music is being made in some kind of random generator software or something (especially that goddamn buildup/speedup thingie where speed of the drumbeat multiplies by two several times before dropping some cheesy voice sample and getting to the intense part of the track - this transition is so overdone it almost physically hurts).


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There's not really any genre I particularly hate but I'm not a big fan of country or death metal. Actually, I can attend a death metal concert but I have literally no interest in a country concert, especially not a Christian one.
I used to hate death metal, but got to dig some neat bands recently, and kinda realised that I looked on it from the wrong angle and started from the wrong stuff. I can recommend Death's "Symbolic" - lots of technicality and just a good showcase of ways the genre can be good, without going into narmy screaming and cacophony the genre is infamous for. In fact, most of the time I hear about dislike of Death Metal, people usually mean Grindcore and Black Metal (two completely different genres from that one). DM is more about technicality and complexity than gritty-spooky-atmosphere (Black Metal) or destroying listeners ears (Grindcore), since it was started just as more extreme alternative of Thrash Metal (played by folks from Metallica and Megadeth)


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Rap, hiphop, RnB, country, jazz.

Rap's turned into 99% black dudes grabbing their dicks every 5 seconds singing about how they banged a chick or some shit.


I really hate that song "Renegades". It's overused as balls and makes my ears bleed. If you want GOOD music, you should listen to "Mutemath" It's a psychedelic rock/soul band that sounds awesome.


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I can't stand country or pop music, they're 2 of the few things that genuinly make me angry.
99.9% of all country, rap, hip hop or pop i will turn off or tune out as soon as possible. But there are exceptions, i do listen to some of it only country o willingly listen to is Rascal Flats, i also listen to some Xzibit, Snoop Dogg, and DMX. I'll mainly only listen to pop or hip hop if it has a rock feel to it. But i grew up listening to 70's and 80's rock/metal so it's how i grew up.


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Country (It gets horrible when you sit next to a person that absolutely won't shut up about country every class for 2 years...)

Also I have to add opera because it isn't very attracting to me and I was literally forced to watch a video of it in Spanish class... Wasn't too fun xD

Edit: Adding on "Fork scratching plate" (for obvious reasons)
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Anyone up for a REAL treat?



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Modern rap, as well as modern country, is garbage, IMO.

Other than that, I'll listen to nearly anything, although I prefer hard rock.


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Probably dubstep. This robots having sex music hurts my ears, and is as appealing as nails on a chalkboard.
You know, I used to say "Country" and then I was introduced to some beautiful, classic country from the sixties and seventies.

I don't think I've ever come across a genre that's bad as a rule. But plenty of examples that are stale, and almost repetitive to the point of unintentional self parody.... Your always going to find something of value. Even in genres I don't like- like dubstep. My coworker put on his playlist the other night, and I found myself cringing at most of it, but then there were a few tracks that pretty damn good.


I actually dislike this new emo "punk rock" that's out now because it kills the whole foundation of punk rock. Punk rock was founded on the idea of rebelling and being defiant against old ways and not being afraid to do anything, not sitting in your room crying with slit wrists because your mom made you get a hair cut. It's sad when I look back through the history of rock and roll and see what Elvis Presley's dancing motions got the whole world stirred up and started rolling a ball that Iggy Pop would pick up and roll faster, then came the Ramones, Sex Pistols, The Clash and that started a whole wave of underground hardcore punk which then lead to Nirvana and grunge and posthardcore punk and ska, only to be followed by "Modern punk" who writes songs about dying because their teenaged girlfriend dumped them which leaves them in eternal pain.


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I'm always quick to say 'country!' but then... I don't know. Very loud angry music where you can't understand the lyrics?


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I'd say ska music is my least favorite, not sure what it is about it but every time I hear those God damn turmpets in that stupid rytheme I want to off myself.