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What is the single most horrifying piece of writing you've read on this site, and why?


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There's a lot of stuff on FA that defies comprehension.
I don't get the appeal of inflation full stop, to be honest. I mean, I'm not kink-shaming here, to each their own, I just don't get it - especially in the more extreme examples where all you're left with is one massive belly and you can't even see the limbs.

The only woman who I want turning into a ball is Samus Aran.

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Eat shit and die, tankie assholes
I'm pretty sure dropping a specific name here would get me in trouble but there's one person who's constantly getting comic/story commissions of what can only be described as "genuine, unveiled misogyny turned up to 11 and made into a fetish" and that easily lands in the "horrifying" circle of the fandom Venn diagram.

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The single most horrifying thing? Wow, that's asking a lot, ya know. Well, any of the top one hundred diaper fetish stories. Right behind that, the top one hundred vore stories.