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What is the single most painful injury you've had happen to you?

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I keep hitting my little toe to everything. It's a pain, but the most painful injury must be when I fell down and hit my head against a corner so bad it needed stiches

Osiris the jackal

Therian of New Jersey
There are two injuries for me,
The first one was when I was about seven. Scout troop and I wentcamping during the winter. In the cabin there was a wood burning stove, In themiddle of the night I got up to go to the bathroom. As I got up I tripped overmy brothers boots and I caught myself but landed my right hand on the stovetop. I got third degree burns on my right hand and lost most of my dexterity, italso has no feeling. I do however use my right for everything still; it is justvery hard though.
The other involves one of my experiments with high voltage.For my final physics project I built a Jacobs ladder that was hitting 200,000volts. It worked perfectly so I was ready for my presentation, I plugged it inbut the points were crossed. So I grabbed them to rearrange not realizing thatthe switch was in the on position. So my muscles tightened and I got stuck tothe points. So I started screaming for them to turn it off. I was experiencinga pain like no other, a deep all over burning. I was on those points for almosthalf a minute but it felt like hours. Someone did finally get the sense to turnit off, and afterwards I continued my presentation got an A and went about myday.


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This happened about five years ago for me. Was at football practace when this happened. We were running through the plays when one of the upper classmen decided to tackle me low on the legs. He hit my left knee causing it to bend backwards. I was on the ground in tears. My left leg would not move and I had to be carted off the field on a gator. I just dislocated it and was on crutches for a good week and walking with a bad limp for the next month/month and a half. That was the most painful thing to happen to me.
I once recieved a home run to the head, which resulted in some pain and concussion, but didn't crack my skull or give me brainshock omega. I didn't even bleed.
That's the most painful thing I am able to recall.


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In seventh grade, I went skiing with my dad. We were going down a trail together, and I decided to take a short cut. Unfortunately, the shortcut was incredibly icy and had moguls on it. (A mogul are bumps purposely made on the slopes or made my skiers when going down the trail) I hit an icy mogul which promptly threw me up in the air a bit, and when I landed one ski got stuck in the ice while the rest of me tumbled for a bit. With one leg still stuck in one place, I badly twisted my knee, and walked with a horrible limp for a couple months, and wore a brace for 1 month. To this day, my knee still hurts and I am entering my second year of college.

I still go skiing too. ;)

Kellan Meig'h

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Three injuries/situations come to mind.

1) Had a fibrous tumor on the outside of my right little finger. Looked like a marble under the skin. Outpatient surgery @ Kaiser, doc says all's well, not cancerous. Taking pain pills for pain management, forgot to take one before going to bed. Woke up in the middle of the night using all the 'words' that I could think of until the pain meds kicked in. Felt like my finger was on fire.

2) While serving in Uncle Sam's Air Force, I had the (mis)fortune to have to eject from a crippled F4-D Phantom II fighter during a test flight to see what the hell my radar was supposedly doing in flight but not on the ground. Felt sorta okay that day, little achy that night, the next morning I could not move due to spinal compression. I'm sure I lost an inch in height from that incident. Took weeks to recover from that. Word to the wise; If you're enlisted, don't become back seat qualified. They don't pay you enough to have to punch out of an aircraft.

3) Kidney stones. Big 'uns, too. Too big to pass, according to the doc @ Kaiser. I passed one anyway. Didn't know I could hit that high note like that. When I took it in for them to see, the nurse looked at it and almost fainted. Lithotripsy to break up the stones wasn't any better. Battered my back and kidney with sound waves for 90 minutes. I needed 'copious' amounts of pain meds to get through it. Nurse attending me during the procedure said she had three kids and then had a kidney stone. She said she would rather have three more kids than to have a kidney stone. They took me by wheelchair downstairs afterwards, my wife helped me stumble to the car and I spent the rest of the day in a meds-induced haze. Not fun. Softball-sized bruise from the procedure.


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Strangely enough I've managed to avoid any serious injuries so far. I'm the master of all injuries minor and idiotic, but I've never broken a bone or even had a tooth pulled.

And then a few months ago I got bit in the face by a shepherd dog at work. The dog had been friendly the entire time I'd been with it, but I got cocky and let my guard down for just a split second to crack a joke at my coworker, and the next thing I know I'm holding my bloody face and everyone was in a panic. It didn't hurt until the shock wore off, of course -- and I spent the first 45 minutes laughing my ass off at how stupid I felt. The scary part was that the force was so great that it nearly knocked my jaw out of socket (my first x-ray, woo!), and his teeth ended up missing my eye by only about an inch. My face was black and blue for a pretty good while, but there wasn't too much actual damage done in the end.


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hmmmmm. probably the time i tried to do bmx on a mountain bike. in my 14 year old mind it was a great idea, but in reality, non. i ended up flipping over the handle bars, bending a rib, thats right, bending it, (it still has a dent) and almost rupturing my spleen (instead i just got massive internal bleeding). i was in icu for 2 weeks on a fluid diet. eh. at least i got the keep my spleen inside me instead of removed?


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A tie between breaking my leg/ankle botching a hardflip skateboarding, and taking a spray of pressurized acetone to the eyes when I was building my first car. Leg probably wins, seeing as I'm still feeling it 6 years later, but then again, the paint stripper to the eyes made me wail like a banshee.


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When I was a kid I stepped on a nail. It must have been standing straight up or something because it went straight through my foot. :/


I was once playing soccer in goal. I was about 11 at the time. I had just stopped a ball, but bobbled it and dropped it. (I was a horrible keeper, which is why I no longer play it.) So just as the person was about to shoot, I put my foot in front of the ball to stop it. Somehow his kick had hit the nerve that runs all the way down your leg and my thigh hurt like a bitch. The rest of my leg went numb and I must say it was an adventure walking to sit out.

Echo Wolf

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Just remembered another one but this requires some explanation. So a few months ago I had just gotten off work; I had a long day and hadn't been sleeping right for the last few weeks. My tiredness was exasperated by the fact that I constantly had to wake up at 5:30 a.m to go to high school, I remember I was getting around 3 or 4 hours of sleep a night back then. So anyway I was in the bathroom at my house and I noticed I had a string coming off my pants and I, being in the mind set that I was in, though it would be a great idea to cut this with string with my clothes still on. I grabbed the trimming scissors on the sink, they have a point like a knife, and went to cut it went my hand slipped and I nicked myself right in the nuts. Even though it was a minor cut that was superficial, there was some blood but it closed up pretty quick, it was still one of the sharpest pains I had ever felt in my life. Also the panic that sets in after something like that had my heart beating so fast and I was sweating a lot. Moral of the story never do things like that when you are tired; they can and will go bad really quickly. I'm just glad it wasn't that bad and I didn't end up mutilating myself.


grats dude
spinal compression fracture

i was 10 and thought i was a pro x-games skateboarder

spent that summer in a back brace

Earth Rio

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Though it makes me sound like a bit of a wuss...

Burns from hot glue. They're bothersome. I recently got full-temp hot glue stuck on my small finger, and it was difficult picking it off and shoving my finger beneath cold water. my index finger and thumb still stings from that, and the burn is only going away today (after nearly a week). Granted, it wasn't a serious burn, but it still hurt like a female dog... -_- (yeah, I don't like swearing)


Though it makes me sound like a bit of a wuss...

Burns from hot glue. They're bothersome. I recently got full-temp hot glue stuck on my small finger, and it was difficult picking it off and shoving my finger beneath cold water. my index finger and thumb still stings from that, and the burn is only going away today (after nearly a week). Granted, it wasn't a serious burn, but it still hurt like a female dog... -_- (yeah, I don't like swearing)
Everytime I use hot glue I burn myself. High and low temp. It dosn't really bother me much anymore. Though I'm sure if I ever touch the 400 degree tip of the gun it will. :p

Earth Rio

It isn't butter?!
Yeah... I'm not too good with high temperatures, so it really was rather annoying. Ever since that incident, I've let it heat up, then I unplug it so there's less chance of burning myself as it cools down.


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Single most painful injury so far? Falling off the back of my trailer at work, slipped off the egde not looking where i was going. Fell between the loading bay and truck catching my coxis, bruising my knee to the siz\e of a caseball and spraining left ankle.

Worst pain was it was on a weekend, getting things ready for Monday at work! Grrrrrrr, still, week off to boot wasn't too bad but blimey that little bone at the bottom of your spine bleedin' hurts if you catch it one!


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This isn't the worst injury, but it's probably the funniest.
Back when I was a kid, there was this big old tree outside our house with a low-hanging branch. I was always able to run right underneath that branch without having to duck. Until... one day...

Now THAT was a growing pain.
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Looking as I am a little immune to pain and when I work I can get burned by 200oC and it doesn't really hurt, it's hard to say what was my most painful injury. Years ago I broke my hand. It didn't even really hurt, I didn't want to go to hospital, saying it'll be just a bruise, but then they said it was broken. When I was a kid I did something to my foot ankle and now my tibia is disorted, displaying the bone from the inside, where it shouldn't be and due this it constantly hurts more or less. I almost had a concussion. A big metal plate fell on my foot and almost broke bones, leaving my foot almost black and later a fingernail went off and better, they gave me into it a warming salve, which hurt. Accidentally my dog almost made me loose my eye, or once a book fell on my face, and it's corner left a nice line of blood. Many, many scars, some more or less constant pain or headaches... But now when I think I dunno which was the most painful. Any physical pain is so painful like it can hurt you inside.


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I tore my left leg ligament behind my knee and that was worse than any torture Satan could deal. I had to get graphed to repair it and had surgery. Anesthesia is freaking amazing. I had about 40 stitches and got out after a month and a half. I had go to physical therapy.

I can't walk as much as I used to because then I get this odd limp and it's even noticeable even if I didn't walk too much. I troop my limp like a soldier because I know what doesn't kill me makes me stronger.

Still after that surgery was fucking hell on earth. I got this all from a fall in Central Park ( I wasn't being stupid either). At first I didn't feel a thing but then my knee swelled up and that's when the pain caught me like lightening; I was clearly in a "fuck me" situation, ambulance and everything.

But you get the jest.


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When I was younger my grandpa absentmindedly kicked a barbed wire roll down the hill, and it got me in the leg. I have a huge scar running down it from that, they only used butterfly stitches on it, even though you could see the bone :(. That was probably the most painful thing I've ever had happen. I also remember getting swimmers ear and that hurting like a bitch xD