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What is the stupidest idea that ever ran through your mind


To fuck with gibby, back in 2012 (January maybe?) on his own thread.
Needless to say it didnt end well for me.
Get fucked yerself eh?

I once had an idea to join a forum and not let it take to much of my time... what a stupid thought that was.


Sophisticated Snake
"Melatonin, 10 g? Please, let's double that dosage."


"I wonder what will happen if I pull the trigger of this gun?"

and finally:

"Fuck oven mitts. I live in a desert. Shit can't be hotter."

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Wakor Jones
"Fuck oven mitts. I live in a desert. Shit can't be hotter."

Ow ow OW. I've gotten bad burns just by brushing hot pans. How'd that go for ya?

Ugh... every time i go to the front page of the main site without the mature filter.

I've gotten pretty much numbed to porn over the years, but my first time visiting the site when I was younger... I learned many new things about anatomy.


Sophisticated Snake
Ow ow OW. I've gotten bad burns just by brushing hot pans. How'd that go for ya?
*touch* God damn that's hot. Where's the damn oven mitts? Thoughts, darling, not stuff I actually did.


The one, the only…
Mine would have to be... Trapping my friend (male) in his deer fursuit (female).... To bad I did it though... :V

Batty Krueger

DJ Nailbunny
Me contemplating driving to Portland last weekend. I cant put all those miles on my car just because.

I still wanna go though.


The Cat in the FAF
"I want to go to a brony convention"
"I want to go to an anime convention"
"I want to pilot a giant robot"


The Wooflewaffle
I've had plenty of stupid thoughts cross my mind. I just can't seem to recall exactly what they were.

GAH I love your avatar <3

So, I'm going to use "stupid" in a literal term. Once, my mate (Anyui) and I were playing Second Life and this random furry came walking up to us. He said a few very stupid insulting things about gay people or something and then walked away. Anyui sent me an IM and said, "Well then, I'd say that guy had a low Intelligence Quota"

To which I responded with utmost sincerity, "I'll bet he has a low IQ, too".

I've never lived it down.


I tried to build a treehouse out of cardboard once... apart from that, chronic memory loss has its benefits (ie. Can't remember the stupider stuff yay)


absolutely disgusting
I can't say I remember that but np I guess? hue

my old threads sucked dog dicks anyway

my new ones are awesome
It was because I used a quote from brazen in my sig and you said I was to noob to
do that yet

In unrelated news im on a road trip and have to try and use my phone until I get tothe hotel, anbd w

...and we know how friendly faf is with mobile ¬_¬ i cant backspace so fuck errors

Evan of Phrygia

i wonder what would happen if i came back even though i made the awful decision of making a point out of my leaving

and yet that doesn't feel like the stupidest


New Member
"Nah it's just a small lightning storm... let's keep going. Besides, we are almost at the top of this mountain, just a few more feet to go!"

Worst fucking mistake of my life.