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What is the worst/most disgusting video you have seen?


Noodle Fish
It would either be...
A doctor extracting roaches that made nest in a girls ear
A guy submerging himself in a septic tank(said to be fake but still)
Sounds interesting, I have heard of a girl in India who had a nest of bullet ants that lived in her ear. They did not bite, just climbed in and out and she would find them in her bed when she woke up. Another kid had a beehive in his lungs that would fly in through his nose or mouth. The bees sound worse, even if they do not sting, it is about the equivalent of having a giant tumor in your lung.


Furries Are The Future
I find the videos I have the hardest time watching are abscess/cyst lancings or other types of extractions or infection cleanings. Usually because they seem to take longer than they need to. >.>


Mage of Void, dammit.
Jontron's new bootleg one is disturbing, but any DSP Tries It involving food is a close second!


Once I had to write a persuasive essay + presentation and I chose the subject 'adopting pets versus buying them' and as part of my research stumbled across a video of animals being put down at a shelter. It was actually so upsetting, I don't think I want to describe it. I'll just say that it wasn't anything like when they put animals down at the vet's.