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What is this? Where do I get one?


So I seen this on Flickr.
It's spandex, right?
It reminds me of the festival of the lionking costumes except it has a normal head.

So, I was wondering where I could possibly get something like that.
I have been looking forever.

This is the costume I seen.

And these are costumes from festival of the lion king.


~points to the monkeys in the back and to the side at the lions~
See spandex, right?

I have been looking EVERYWHERE to get something made like these...

Any ideas?

Art Vulpine

Art Vulpine
Definitely looks like spandex.

I looks a little better heat wise since there is no fur but a pattern on the spandex instead.
Might be cheaper to make instead of a suit made with fur since fur is the stuff that costs alot.

Unfortunately I don't know who makes this.
Otherwise I'd be on the site checking prices.


Fricken A, I know it should be cheaper.
I like it because it's a lot more flexible then the normal suits.
If you ever seen the festival of the lion king you would know just how good these suits really are.
I can last only a few hours in the normal suits, but it's going to be for a huge dance recital..
So I want to get something like them...
Plus, they are just damn sexy.
Random suggestion, but they sell zentai suits on eBay... perhaps get a white one and use fabric paints to create the appropriate pattern?


I would need a model. Geeze, I have been looking just about everywhere to see if I can get one made.

Now that I think about it, even cats on broadway had costumes like these. Which were even better since they had actual fur attached.

I wish I could find someone who could do it.


New Member
That would be Miharu, she's a kig. I believe that is a custom zentie. I don't remember who did that one but more can be found at www.rabbitinthemoon.us and most were made by Kanakig in Thiland. He has a website but I can't remember it at the moment. Sure it can be googled.


Ah, so people do make them.

I need an idea for a fully black wolf, usually they are made for cats... but this time... it won't be.

That's why I think the fur attached is totally neat-o.


Gone Hunting
Sorry. I'm on a uni course where this sort of thing gets mocked up in an afternoon. We have plenty of shops that sell spandex.

you could get a catsuit from an adult shop and dye/paint it.


It's hard to find things like that in general.

Everything I buy is pretty much online.
That's where you guys come in, since you would probably have just a tad more information then me on such things.

Truely, if we had stores that had body suits that I thought would be good for things like this.. I would.
Believe me I would....

But I don't.. T__T
As sad as that may be though.


Yeah, the mask looks pretty simple.
It's the actual spandex I am looking at.
I found what they used for.. the cats on broadway... but I can't fugure out how they put the fur.. wqhich is my difficulty.


Yeah, the mask looks pretty simple.
It's the actual spandex I am looking at.
I found what they used for.. the cats on broadway... but I can't fugure out how they put the fur.. wqhich is my difficulty.

If you're a little noobly at costume making, you could just glue it on. Like, if you have a high heat tolerance have a friend do it while you wear it. If you don't, get a duct tape dummy and glue it on that.

If you're familiar with sewing, I suppose you could hand sew it on while its over a duct tape dummy. I'd recommend against machine sewing it because mine hates spandex and often gets jammed. Plus, it's assumed that unless the spandex is being pulled tight (like, on a leg/etc) it's not going to be easy to match up the stitches if you add fur on.

Kellan Meig'h

Kilted Luthier
Sewing sapndex is a serious bee-ach! It can be zig-zag'd but you really need a serger to do it properly. Not to mention chucking out that regular jumpsuit pattern and searching out a unitard pattern. Here's one place to learn from on the 'net;


Attaching fur is another trouble; you need expensive 4 way stretch fur to get it to stretch with the suit where you pieced it in if you made large expanses fur. The only source I'm aware of is National Fiber Technology.


Occasionally they have over-runs of 4 way stretch that sell for $10.00 USD a square foot and up. (Yes, I did say square foot, not a typo) Problem is, this stuff won't dye. I promise. If they have the color you need, great. If not, horribly expensive but they will make it to your specs. I know, I need some for a costume.

*drops a few more coins into change jar marked for 'that' costume* :(

You would piece the fur into the suit as you went, not sewing on top but making it part of your suit. Yeah, the good news and the bad. It would make a killer suit that would be cool enough to go the day at a con except for nature breaks. I breaks your pocketbook, too.

Wishing you luck,

Kellan, the old warhorse.


Lady of the lake
That thing is HELLA scary.

that was my first thought as well^^ it looks kinda cool, but it really is pretty scary :p


is a goat.
I know for a fact that cheap, single-color zentai suits can be purchased ultra cheap off Ebay. As for the shiny-smooth kigurumi mask, dunno. Ebay (and Google Shopping) also good for the wig.

IMHO, a much more feasible and certainly cheaper method than even the simplest of fursuits.


Lurking in Castle Moats
This type of fursuiting is interesting.

I'll have to look into this.

As far as I know, it's not really fursuiting. This kind of thing originally popped up in the Anime fandom. It started with wearing these kinds of suits to try to emulate anime characters better and get the huge eyes and one tone skin.

Some people have turned around and managed to convert that to a neko form. In any case it's not fur-suiting. It has nothing to do with the fur fandom but can be adapted to be used in it.