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What is with all the locked threads in the Den?


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It's like every time I check, there's more people flooding in who don't read the rules, or are being goddamned stupid.Is it some sort of seasonal thing? Or has it always been like this and I just haven't noticed?


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I like read half the rules then fell asleep on my bed. I dunno, maybe it was a guy in heat and needed to let it out.
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Normally If I lock something I give a reason. However the search to check for duplicate threads is kind of broken.
I of course wanted to ask what happened that got you into the furry world but I was certain it has been done 10k times
Still I could not easily find one to dredge up.


I think it's mostly because those threads have zero purpose or potential to start out with, thus they descend into shitposting and pretentious bitching before they even hit page 2
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About fucking time the Den got purged.


I rarely go to the den, or occasionally I should say.


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Going into the Den is like being the only vagina in a room full of boners - you're going to get fucked, no matter what.


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Is maybe having something to do with the latest site outage? (more than 3 weeks ago if I?m not mistaken) delayed reaction just with threads with no sense at all?... Just guessing

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I actually think people overreact a lot, OH SHIT THIS THREAD AGAIN SO BAD :rolleyes:

Just ignore the fucking thing and let others do whatever -_-


Idiot-threads are like phytoplankton. They bloom in the fall and spring :V

It's just a waxing Riho. Sometimes there are more, sometimes there are less, but the boneheads will always be there.