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What is Your Ancestry?


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I just got my DNA test back not too long ago. It was to put this Cherokee nonsense to rest finally in my family, and I was vindicated. I was surprised a little my me having so much French in me. German was obvious as my grandfather was first generation. A lot of Irish. I didn't really see that but it made sense because all those folks travel over there.

The #1 that got me and I was greatly surprised was Scandinavian. I was like What? I'mm like 33% or something. I have no ill thoughts to any race and one user on here I have befriended is one so I am not dissing them... but for a while I kind of did. I justify it though. I had a friend that wouldn't shut the fuck up about Vikings. I like the Romans personally. He was Scandinavian himself and played Skyrim and since then he has never has shut the fuck up jarls n shit. Just fucking say king for Christ's sake! So I took great pleasure in bringing up the times Vikings got their asses kicked, which was very hard as I found out. You really have to dig for that shit. The one I can remember off the top of my head was when some Vikings tried to fuck with the Byzantine Empire (which put a big fucking smile on my face) and got their fleet burned by Greek fire and the survivors put to the sword. It was a rare find, but he didn't have to know that :|
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From what I've been told, British: a mix of Wiltshire, Norfolk, and Worcestershire. And a bit of Dutch, which seems to show the most.


One of my great-grandmothers was German, so I'm like 88% Russian / 12% German mix.


Korean.. I think my mom has a bit of European mixed in, and my father, East south asian, but I don't know.
My dad's from the Plum Tree Lee family, and mom's from Supreme Choi, if that means anything anymore.


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Well, when my parents were doing ancestry stuff I found out that my 52nd (or whatever 50 number) great grandpa was fukkin Odin.

Also for nationalities stuff - Polish, Hungarian, Austrian, Scottish, some other stuff, 'Murcin