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What is your birthstone?


Perpetually Tired
Ruby, because for some reason someone decided that July should get the worst of the gemstones.

lol I've got Ruby too. I used to hate it so much as a kid cause green was my fav color. I like it now though... but July is still a hell month. like literally. it's a million degrees all the time.


gay lizard gang

Ruby here!

My Steven Universe fanboyness has me scoping out every single Steven Universe reference in this thread and liking them, lmao.


Just a fox.
I am Aquamarine / Bloodstone! I feel they fit me well, as I feel my zodiac fits me, too.

Birthstones have alternate stones. I've worked with gemstones a lot so I enjoy gemology and lookin' at the sparklies. In fact, I have each of the gemstones listed, and I can say they all have their own beauty. Even some I didn't really care for, I have come to love.