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What is your current living situation?

What is your current living situation?

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Bored, curious and felt like making a poll.
I live my boyfriend of five years and have for at least 3-4 of those years.

Also the "I live alone" option includes children if you have any as well.
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Verin Asper

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I live with my second older sister in her apartment for so far 3.5 years. Currently trying to get a second job so I can pay more than half of rent with the second job being dedicated to just things I need for myself while my first job will be dedicated to bills


Homeowner, two kids, one dog, dozens of fish, the odd rat. Married longer than most of the FAF crowd have been alive...


I am in a shared house atm, will be home for summer :3 then back in September ^_____^


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I'm currently living with a family in Missouri, they were ind enough to invite me into their home without ever meeting me, and as a total stranger I was welcomed warmly. I've since sort of become another daughter to them and it's been really really d'awww. They had four girls already, and the little ones already told me I was their sister after half a day of me being in their home. It's really warm, and their family is very tightknit. It's so damn cozy I may never leave.
I'm 18 living with my parents and plan on staying that way for a long time. I can't see myself living out there in the world alone -- I'd be eaten alive.


White Devil
I live with my:
Ammut- dog
Edgar- dog
Nate- lizard
Emily- lizard
Sparky- cockatiel
Pige pige- Pigeon

We all live in a two story 3 bedroom, 2.5 baths, back yard and 2 car garage. We are pretty fortunate.


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I live with my parents (am over 18) yet. Still looking for work so I can eventually move out, but there isn't a big hurry. My parents are actually really cool and we all get along well together.


Live with my Mom, parents divorced, We can't afford house payment, Dad has a new family and won't help us out. Foreclosure proceedings started on my house today. We have 1 month to pack up not sure on time line for being out of the house. Thankfully Grandparents are helping us find a new place.


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live in an apartment with two roommates, a dog & a cat that i wouldn't be surprised to learn is a serial killer


smell-good badger
Living with room mates cuts rent and expenses.

/cheap bastard
I'm 19 and am living at home with my parents for the summer while commuting to school. I'll be living on campus for the Fall and Spring semesters, but I basically live at home for the time being.
I babysit my parents house, they're here 3-4 months out of the year, the other 8-9 months I'm living alone, or with my sister (who now has a condo, so I'll be by myself 3/4ths of the year)


I'm currently living with a family in Missouri, they were [k]ind enough to invite me into their home without ever meeting me, and as a total stranger I was welcomed warmly.

Say what now?


The hell am I reading, here?
I've spent about a total of five years on my own away from home, but I just moved back in a couple weeks ago. I already got a job offer here though, so hopefully I won't be here too much longer.

Say what now?

Missouri loves company. :V


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What the fuck, am I really the only person who lives alone

well... fuck.

Under that hat is a forever alone face. :C

Ahh...I came up with something clever...forever a goat......

because that's what your avatar reminds me off.
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