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What is your Diagnosis?

I made this so we can talk about our Diagnosis and post our advice on how we treat it or just talk about it in general.
You can only post a REAL Diagnosis your DOCTOR said you have, NOT something you diagnosed YOURSELF!
I'll start.

My Diagnosis

1. Social Phobia

2. Generalized Anxiety Disorder

3. Major Depression


edit: Your diagnosis can be both physical or mental.
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Been to a psychiatrist years ago and got diagnosed with light depression.

Was sent for anger management after loosing it at work.

Kit H. Ruppell

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I've been diagnosed with anxiety, depression, OCD, ADD,and ADHD at some point or another. Some psychoanalysts (emphasis on 'psycho') tried to say I was 'borderlined psychotic' when I was only five. They were, of course, Freudian snake-oil psychologists with more money than their professional ability afforded them. Since then, ADD/ADHD and OCD have been dropped, leaving only anxiety and depression. Not much to brag about-
which is what this thread is really about, right?
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Pepmurrmint Fox
are we just talking about psychological problems or anything in problems that a doctor diagnosed us with?


The Last of Us.
Well i thought i was depressed, have been for years now but its just massively worse now im at work. Was told to go to the doctor, did so and his words i was just "Pissed off with my life and need to make a change".

So i have pissed-off-isis.


The demons that haunt my head have yet to be named... translation: My slate is clean, but clearly fractured


Lady Sloth
I'm working on trying to get a diagnosis right now for chronic fatigue and pain issues.

I was diagnosed with a non-verbal learning disorder in high school though.


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Most of my problems are alcohol related, which is ironic because i use alcohol to try to solve most of my problems.
Other than that i'm in tip top shape besides the usual wear and tear of an active lifestyle.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Dino Therapist
Non-Verbal Learning Disability and hydrocephalus.

Doc also said, "Meh, close enough" to an ADHD diagnosis.


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I was diagnosed with ADD... but I think I grew out of it or something because I pay more attention than most of the students in my class.


The Sergal that Didn't Vore
This isn't just neurological/mental health problems, right?

For a while I was pretty sure I had developed diabetes but a blood test ruled that out, which is a huge relief to me and makes me think about my lifestyle a little (as I eat a whole 5-pack of cookies).

Mild depression which appeared when I was 15 but went away until I was 18 and it's been there in the background ever since and it gets bad every now and then. I've been on anti-depressants on and off for almost 3 years.

Urethral syndrome, which came on when I turned 13, and has made a large portion of my life hell. I even had an operation when I was 18 to try and fix the problem (80% success rate) but it didn't help. I've figured out that the only thing that helps is to flood my body with water even when I don't want any, and over the last year or so I've barely had any flare-ups. But it's not a cure for the problem.


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Profound deafness and autismus.

No official depression diagnosis but every professional I see for other reasons happens to notice it.


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I have ADHD, but its been a long time since I last took my meds, I feel its gone now.

I also feel I have a little OCD but meh, I really don't care about being diagnosed. Minecraft builds are almost always symmetrical or perfect (like, down to the maths of angles and stuff), things have "assigned locations" in the dishwasher, cups have to be upside down on the shelves, rightside up bugs me for some reason. I always measure my ingredients instead of winging the recipe. Sometimes I'll redo a whole chart if I feel it is set up sloppily. Etc.


The Cat in the FAF
I have had the luck of not being diagnosed with anything. As far as I know, based on my medical records, I'm as healthy as can be!
Schizophrenia (medicated)
Bi-polar (unofficial, likely due to schizophrenia)
Dyslexia (recovered)
Mostly deaf in one ear, and a lot in the other
I was diagnosed with Aspergers originally, but I went off a deep, deep end <.<

My genetics are fucked.


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I gots the autisms though the doctors say I function as if I don't. I'm also chemically dependent on my depression medication.
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Test Subject
Diagnosed with BPD, depression, PCOS and deafness in one ear, BPD and depression linked to substance abuse. But happier every day and problems I had when I was younger dont seem to be an issue any longer :)