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What is your dream?


The Man with the Face
What is your ultimate goal in life?

Mine is to perfect my super hero story, and share it with the world. Hopefully, it will end up as a video game and possibly grow into something bigger.
I don't know. That's a pretty vague question.

There's certainly not just one single goal that I would limit myself to. As much as I hate this phrase, you do only live once.


Write out my own stories that I have in my head. Getting them published would be super awesome.
Land a career in forensic science.

Idk, I guess that's it.


I does what I says on the box.
To not contribute anything to society.

CF, have you been mixing up dreams with reality again? You big silly!

*unrealistic 50's housewife smile*


Feigning intelligence
To own and run a private botanical garden.
And I guess I would like to visit all major sites of importance in history of Islamic civillizations.... Though that would be impossible.


resident spaceship
My dreams and my goal are not the same thing.

My dream is to one day get super powers and take over the world.

My goal is just to live happily to the best of my abilities.


My basic goal in life is to help suffering animals however I can. As long as I do that I'll be happy with myself.


Well-Known Member
I once wished out loud that I wanted to be an artist, but the genie must have misheard me and now I have a piece of paper that says I'm an autist.


Fennec World dominance!
Win the lottery and have my home, car and bills paid for the rest of my life.
And to have the money to get top fur suits and go to cons and have fun!

Hinalle K.

become a legal alien in a nice English speaking country
preferably a cold place
I'm so fucking tired of the constant heat

Judge Spear

Well-Known Member
I have two. I want to work for WayForward by age 25. And I want to own a biplane by the time I'm 60. I want to fly and draw.


The Sergal that Didn't Vore
To achieve my lifelong career goals of becoming a doctor. Where I would specialise from there is yet to be decided 100%.

I want to build a huge ass house with AT LEAST the following: art/craft room, music room, pole dance studio, pool cave basement.

And I would love to have my ex back, but that's less likely than being the first person to walk on the Sun.


Brings the PUNishment
I'm going to be a dentist and help people smile more. Otherwise, I'm going to try my best to help people smile more.

Before or after that is complete, I have one impossible accomplishment. (occurring at any age) go with a bunch of close friends and the love of my life at that time to a tropical beach. During sunset, relax while holding hands with love of my life in beach chairs partly in the water, enjoying the perfect sunset. This would be followed by a large bonfire festival on the beach with everybody there. I skipped a lot of the details, but this is my favorite daydream that will never happen. You guys are invited as well...

Then I have a bunch of other side missions. Travel, watch the complete Twilight Zone Marathon, generally just be a nice person.


In the land of bipolar weather
To build giant fast spacecraft dancing between cities/outposts/whatever on other bodies.


Shepherd of Fire


Smartass skunk
To become a successful writer, and leave this 14-hour-a-day, 6 days a week job for good.