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What is your dream?


I know my biggest dream is for my book to succeed well enough that I can just keep writing various parts of that universe for fun. It becoming a movie/video game would be incredible.


Cuddle Bug
To run my own animal preserve/zoo. Working on the zoo-ology degree while running the pet store.


I'd love to work at a wildlife preserve and or be a marine biologist, write some books, draw some mangas, write an anime or two, go to Africa for a bit, the usual.


I actually have several dreams and several plans for the future, the whole indecisive thing tends to throw a wrench in the more varied plans and ladedah, but my intentions, frankly put, are not that complicated.

I want to attain my BSN (because yes, I do intend on going into Nursing) in order to support those when they need it the most.

Romantically? Aaaaagh, I guess someone that I can be both a friend and a partner to? A lot of people seem to forget that aspect of relationships for some reason.


Nyaa nyaa~
To become a voice actress, write a few successful books, marry the perfect man for me, have two kids, and live in a nice and comfortable house till I pass away of old age.


Your brain cells are mine
I hope to either become an actor, or a programmer, specifically something with Valve corporation.
Which is like wanting a blowjob from Johnny Depp.


Fighter of the Nightman
Harvest enough Oregon Blues to fiances a small military that will take over a shithole of a country and become its leader.


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Oh gosh, my dream would be to be an artist downtown and have a cozy flat where me and my significant other could have a private but passionate life doing what we love and not worrying about much at all. I could sell my art and he would work on his music and we'd both help with the fine art functions that were planned for the community.

But that's mostly just a dream. A highly ideological dream. These days I'd just be happy with a someone I could hang out with regularly.


I strive to fix my back so I can serve my 5 years in the Canadian Armed Forces and put in my time for my country.
Ultimately, I want to open my own tattoo parlor; I want to express myself and my feelings through my right arm, and show the entire world that no matter how messed up you are, beauty can come from it, while showing my family you CAN make a career out of art of course.


I have formulated a list of non-contingent dreams to maximize my chance of success.
- Become a philosopher who is well respected within academic circles.
- Write a series of books that develops its own dedicated fandom.
- Just get stinking rich for no reason whatsoever.
- Not become homeless. (this one is just my backup dream in case the other three all fail)


Forgive Yourself
To get married to my gay husband, get a house, keep my career going, have my fursuit, go to cons and have great vacations, and to just keep cool for the rest of my life. IE keep my body in mostly good fit shape.

Mr. Sparta

Scale Face
My dream is to have a seaside home in Newport, Oregon. I want a job at NOAA as a marine biologist. My home will have a studio where I have my beautiful artwork. No children though, no one needs them anyway.


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I have a dream......

Okay that didn't start like I intended. Any way my dream for my life is rather simple. Get a decent job that can support a family, get married and raise a family and finish getting my dog certitfied so we can save lives....


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My dream is to finish university and fly through med school to be a neuro surgeon. And of course live a happy, content and bizarre life lol


I had a dream when I started out in college that I would study internationally. That dream came true for me in a way I never thought possible, and it didn't even require to change my physical location at all.


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To rule the world. :D

The canine revolution is at hand. Just remember this phrase-"The kibble is in the bowl."

My dream/goal-to raid/pick Area 51. I wonder how much to list (price) a used alien space ship for on ebay. And how much to charge for shipping.
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It's Me Gordon, Barney from Black Mesa
Get into my first furry orgy.


Hot sammiches and cold beer.
I want to just be successful, have a good job, good education, and live a happy life and not worry about shit.


Vere Adeptus
I dream to raise a family and watch my child(ren) grow up and start making their own dreams. I dream to find a lasting companion to spend the rest of my life with. I dream to make my parents (continue to be) proud of me, showing them their single progeny was not a waste of their loins (I'm glad I didn't have a rebellious teen phase). I dream to get better in my art/writing and get the cojones to go out and meet you fuzzies at one of your cons and maybe even suit in public.

My most personal dream is to have a successful career in the sciences and hope to make a positive impact for the future, no matter how small. I would feel like my life was worth something, in the end. I guess I'm looking for purpose, and I decided to choose one for myself.