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What is your dream?

Sarcastic Coffeecup

Hand. Cannot. Erase.
My dream is to study or at least work in England and live there. it is not impossible, but it ain't easy either and not yet possible.
But one day I will make my dream come true.


Hot sammiches and cold beer.


The Arcane Sage
To finish the remainder of this mortal toil in a good life. I would like if possible to play with my gradchildren (if there ever are any) at least once. I am one of those rare kinds of people. I wanted to be an engineer, I became one.
I wanted to be a known artist, I became one. I wanted to write and publish a book, I published in feb of 2013.
I wanted to be a father, I have two teenagers! I wanted to have a wonderful permanent mate, we have been happy for twenty years and counting. The only real dream I have left is to be .... GrandPA!