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What is your drink of choice?


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Alchoholic or not, what is your beverage of choice?

A simple ice cold Whiskey sour is my personal preference :d


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I drink 6~8+ cups per day on an average day. Aside from that, fruity water, and sometimes lemonade if I wanna treat myself. I can't drink alcohol due to the medications I'm on.


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Water is the thing I drink the most, about a gallon a day. Milk would be my second preferred then tea at third.

Hard cider is my favorite alchoholic drink. Then hunch punch lightnin' moonshine.


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and milk


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Water, milk, then tea. I don't drink soda, my parents have put me on a strict no soda diet since I was born xD (I can't stand it anyway)

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Flavoured sparkling water, practically live on the stuff :s


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Whenever I need a drink at home I just stick my head under the tap and return to whatever I was doing rather than wasting a cup. Sometimes I have tea, but it makes me really warm for a bit (and it's almost summer now, already very warm in the UK so not as much will be consumed), and I enjoy smoothies and fruit juice too :p
I like soft drinks such as Coca Cola, but I don't have it as much as I want to save my teeth.

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I think it's obvious

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I think it's obvious
There are many types of coffee mate so what specific one you like is a little less obvious ;)

As for me green tea with honey is nice for good energy otherwise I'll go straight to 1% milk


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Speaking of coffee. Has anyone had the chance to try that death wish coffee and if so is it hyped up as much as they've made it to be?


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Coca Cola on most days, but nothing beats a nice warm glass of milk