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What is your earlist memory of playing videogames?

Shadow Jaeger

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My earliest memory of gaming was my cousin showing me pokemon red for the first time. I remember he showed me geodude and because we both couldnt read at the time, i didn't believe him.


I remember my earliest Video game console being the NES. As for the very earliest video game, I am not sure of that...


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Super Mario World. Seems like a generic answer, but I remember playing SNES loads, even though we had an N64 at this point...
I played Sims and some Hot Wheels game on the PC we had at the time, a Pentium based machine running Windows 95. This was about the same time I think...


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I remember when me and my friend played MGS for PS1 for the first time, it started out in the area where you have to get to the elevator, and we were like "WOAH, these graphics dude!"


Disney's Aladdin for the SNES. My grand father got it for me when I was around six or seven. I had no idea what video games were and didn't understand the concept of winning the game or beating levels. Then one day I passed level one and realized and was like "Whoa! There's more to this?!" Funny thing is back then the game took me forever while now I can beat it in 20 minutes.


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The All-Stars version of Mario 3. I remember that minigame were you had to get a mushroom, fire flower or star. My mom was so disappointed when I didn't get the star.
Qbert, in 1996-97 ish. I remember that iconic tumbling blocks pattern being projected from the family's SNES. Unfortunately the console broke when we moved into our new house in 1997. I believe the following Christmas we got an N64


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The first game I remember playing was Golden Axe on my Sega. Still have the system and the game, but no tv to play it on unfortunately.

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I was probably like 6 or so, and had a ps1. Me and my brother used to have strict time limits on how much we were allowed to play.
My earliest memory on videogames is us secretly playing a star wars game


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The first video game I ever owned was The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for Nintendo 64 when I was 4. I got it for my 4th birthday along with a small TV and the N64. It was a wonderful present, and it helped me learn how to read to a degree.
Although redeads and the Great Deku Tree scared the crap out of me.