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What is your faith/doctrine/religion (if any?)


Diaper Fox
I am an outright atheist.


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I am an Orthodox person and therefore I go to church. I have never missed a single service in the church in my entire life, and I am now 20 years old. I live in Portland and we have a lot of churches in portland. I attend the church of love, I like it because it looks very modern and I like the atmosphere here. I treat other faiths calmly and accept any of your thoughts and feelings. I am not an opponent of other faiths, I love all faiths in the world, but I am committed only to Orthodoxy. Are there Orthodox people here? It is very interesting which church you attend. Share your stories to me. Peace and good luck to all!
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Fictionkin & Soulbonder
Hmm... well there's not really a term for it...

I used to consider myself a theistic satanist but I think that was more because my ex-boyfriend was one. I'm more of someone who just believes in the multiverse and the supernatural like ghosts, demons, gods and such. I do not follow any set rules or guidelines and go by my own values and those spoken of by my husband's.

If I were to pick someone/something I worship then it would be husband/headmate, ZackTheGoblin. I believe he's a god capable of doing many things and is the one will guide me as I transfer over to my ethereal self when I die.


Dragon Doodler with a Tail Snake
When i was growing up I was "protestant" christian. When i was 3-4 I went to a nursery school that heavily brainwashed me and my brother forcing me to believe that Jesus died for my sins. Me & My brother came home crying believing it. (I literally don't remember it. But my mother said that it happened).

Went to a youth club with my class mates to a place called "The Junction" which was a christian gathering. Where we'd do activities like building marble runs, cardboard robots and so on. It was surprisingly fun even if it was an excuse to get children to go to Church (as soon as I reached a certain age that the youth club tried to get people to go to the higher age bracket club which I didn't go to).

As I started to think for myself I started to look at other religions. Budhism, Islamic, Judiasism, Paganism and so on. Believing the reason why religions exist was to give an answer for why things existed in such a way or how the world evolved.

In the end I don't believe in religion. We just exist because we are built from the most common elements. Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon, etc.
There might be a higher force that exists that created the building blocks...
The closer we get to making actual simulations that resemble real life. And if we can't tell the difference. It could prove that we might be in a simulation ourselves.
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A Nightmare Dressed Like A Daydream
i'm...questioning. i believe in LOT'S of different things but i don't really worship any of them nor do i live my life by them.


The Cat in the FAF
Christian Protestant of no particular denomination. Frequently struggle with my faith and find myself questioning but try to hold onto them.
Brain kinda forces me to anyways


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I've been a Church of Satan member for over twenty years. My overall life philosophy is partly informed/influenced by existentialism, Buddhism, my undergrad education in Comparative Religion, and my psychological education and training.

At the most basic level, I'm a materialist atheist; I follow the Golden and Platinum Rules as a general rule; and I'm simultaneously cynical and intensely critical of religion, while taking it very seriously, and frankly being offended when practitioners of other religions violate or disregard the core ethos or foundational principles of their faith.
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Judge Spear

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Atheist but I dont really have any of the typical gripes with religion. Or at least if I do, I dont dwell on them. I think its a healthy thing for people to find for themselves if they need it.

My mother has been through a lot of hardships in life that would break many people. In my mind shes just an iron willed individual. But one day I asked her anyway how she was able to keep frame in the face of what she's had to go through.
She said "I have faith and He is with me. The Lord has a plan for me. Nothing can get to me when I remind myself that."

I stopped listening to the loud bickering of others against religion that day. If faith in the Lord is enough to keep my mother of sound mind and high spirits, I can only be at peace coexisting with the ideals as an outsider.

Aside from that I do really like Christian morals, aesthetics, and stories though. The ones I'm familiar with. I want to learn more about it.
I'm not an atheist because of some perceived cosmic slight. Just when I put certain things into perspective, it seems hard to buy. I cant wrap my head around it.

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
Anti-Abrahamic atheist.

Casey Fluffbat

E. Fuscus from the discount section
Some form of agnosticism. As far as I see supernatural or spiritual beings, they'd be best explained as advanced beings beyond our universe. So maybe, maybe. I also think the boundaries to define us are little more than useful to us. We like to seperate and identify outstanding features of our enviroment. It helps scientifically, but I see the universe seldom thought of as a whole with the components of concious brains. We're part of the universe, so do we see or does the universe see? Who knows.

A little on my past, I was a non-denominational Christian until age 15, and started questioning myself a year before that.
Wow I forgot I posted on this thread. My ideas have expanded a lot since then, though I don't know if I'll spend the time writing it all out just yet. XD
I will say this train of thought was a big part of my years-long depression, often fighting in my head about perceived reality and disassociating on a regular basis. I think my conclusions now have put some closure on that pain in my head. It also made me a better person I think.


Slippery When Wet
I grew up in a loosely Catholic home, meaning we went to Mass and did traditionally Catholic things on Christmas and Easter. My brother and I did First Communion and Confirmation as kids, but went to a public school instead of one of the many local Catholic schools. It never really interested me, it was a thing I had to do because my parents made me. I just got really bored sitting there in church, I'd just look at the art or imagine if the whole building was upside down and I had to walk along the arches in the ceiling.
By the time I was in high school, my parents didn't make us go to church except on Christmas and Easter. There was a ministry group called YoungLife that hosted events and camps for high school kids in the area, and I got involved in that purely for the social stuff. I went to some of the weekend camps, and even one of the week-long camps, as well as joined in with friends who went to the local Presbyterian church. We went to Christian music festivals, Bible studies, all that stuff. Kind of fell out of that when I went off to college. I still held on to some of the beliefs but I wasn't actively involved in any groups or churches.
It wasn't until my early twenties that I started getting involved again, mostly just because I just craved some sort of community. Found a small non denominational church where I really fit. At that time, they were so open and welcoming to everyone, it was a great mix of people. As more people found out about it, more people started coming, and the church moved to a much larger building to accommodate the membership. That was great. . .except that more and more "traditional" families got involved and began pushing for more "traditional" values. It got to the point where many of the people who joined the church because it was accepting no longer felt accepted, where young, single adults were once again treated as being in a "phase" before having inevitable marriage and children.
I was very active there, not just as a member but as a volunteer, and although there are a lot of aspects of the community and music I love and miss, I don't have that faith anymore. There's no actual faith I follow at this point, I don't identify as anything spiritually.


Birb Fanatic
Agnostic, and I’ll probably remain that way. Religion is one of those things I can never make my mind up about.


I have no idea what I'm doing
Has anybody posed Patrick Star asking if mayonnaise is a religion yet?


Antelope-Addicted Hyena
I was raised as a Catholic, in the locally-typical outwardly strict, restrictive and close-minded strain. It was... boring on a good day, traumatizing with crushing guilt on a bad one. Not my thing, very decidedly, but I had to become like 25 to be able to stop associating myself with it - where I'm from, looks like 90% of people are into it and the pressure to comply is strong.

It's somewhat difficult to describe but nowadays I'm basing my beliefs on a body of writings known as Seth Material. It's more of a spiritual philosophy than any cult or religion, and as such It resonates with me strongly - I find my need for cult and rituals to be exceedingly small. In a nutshell, it's pretty radical pantheism and kind of renewed animism, with consciousness rather than inert matter being the source and basis of existence.

Funnily enough, this cohabitates within my mind together with strong interest in science. But maybe that's the thing, huge parts of the Material remind me more of a measured university lecture than typical New Age fluff.

Additionally, I'm certain that in a more tribal culture I would have been a shaman. And if Cthulhu Mythos was real, I'd find it difficult not to fall for it and start worshiping Azathoth, for instance - I'm sufficiently insane already as things stand...

Firuthi Dragovic

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Given how ready I am to scream when someone gets the doctrine wrong, I'm starting to wonder if I'm drifting back into Christianity.

There'd have to be a form of it that does not involve going to church in order for me to really go there at this point, though.

Aside from that, I... find it nearly impossible to care about faith.

Miles Marsalis

The Last DJ.
I was raised Catholic, went through sacraments and all, but never really believed. I'm an atheist, but I still belong to the parish where I was confirmed and volunteer there when they need a hand since I still have ties to the congregation.


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I belong to the Religion of curiosity and keeping an open mind while maintaining a very firm grasp of my own sense of morality.
Anything that doesn't rub me the wrong way is something I take a keen interest in (theologically. some things are FUN when they rub the 'Wrong way'!) ;-P
If I had to Label it, I'm going with 'Taoism/Animism' but hell, there's so many layers from so many Paths I wouldn't know where to being listing/sharing them all?!