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what is your favorite flavor ice cream


Siamese Weeb
Strawberry cheesecake ice cream (though I tend to get sick when I eat it...) followed by unicorn sparkle and fudge tracks. i am aware this is walmart ice cream, i am poor so shut
i tend to not like super "conventional" ice cream flavors other than chocolate, and i can't stand any ice cream that's vanilla or uses it as a base...


The Shapeshifting Fox
I am not a fan of ice cream, but I really love gelatos and sorbet. But not all the time - it's too cold and I'm always cold even in summer. I'm that one person you see on a boiling hot Aussie day, carrying a jacket around. I'm not that bad that I never feel too hot, but I need a jacket for all the air conditioning that people put on crazy low settings!

Anyway ice cream, I usually really like vanilla the most. Caramel and 'cookies & cream' are the others in my top three.
But gelato... I just love too many flavours to count. I really like minty and fruity things. I also love coffee, toffee and caramel (and peanut butter). But I really hate things that are way too sweet. I had coconut gelato one day, and expected it to be a nice soft coconut flavour but ended up with a mouthful of sugar x.x

the sleepiest kitty

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Soft serve vanilla chocolate twist
Cookies and cream
Vanilla bean
French vanilla


Defender of the Sacred Nuggs
Hmmm tricky. I love Americone Dream by Ben and Jerry's. I also made a buttered popcorn ice cream that was to die for and has been requested since by those that had it.


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Pistachio! It's getting hard to find around here. Seems everyone is selling pistachio flavored ice cream and substituting almonds for pistachios.

Nexus Cabler

Lord of typos
Creamy vanilla. It's excellent when added to a variety of other deserts, such as lava cake.

Frank Gulotta

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Scotsburn's "Death by Chocolate" or "Peanut butter Fudge Crunch"