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what is your favorite game?


I'll take any game where the control is excellent. You want to be killed by the final boss, not platforms. More specific, I think Ocarina of Time was, is, and always will be the very best video game of all time.


See ya latter ****ers.
Double Dragon is the motherfucking shit.


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4 was excellent.

I wish it was centered around the T-Virus, though. It's a shame that a pretty awesome game was made, only to make everything else related look like shit.

Except the old games. RE2 and the RE1 remake were ace.
I really wouldn't say it made everything related look like shit. I like to look at 4 as a reboot of the series, a different direction unrelated to what they had done before. Which, essentially, what it was, but it shouldn't be what older games in the series are compared to. That's a little unfair.

Newer games on the other hand, yeah, because if you can suck this much after RE4 (Looking at you, 5 and 6), then there's something wrong.


Any game I could get proficient at. Mario Kart, Tetris Attack, and the original Street Fighter were ones I actually became quite skilled at and they were fun.
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