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What is your favorite out-of-context quote?


Snake awakens
"Where did you find this child? My face? Ooooh, nice!"
Hello shining teeth, I totally like 3 of you claws, but not the other ones, and I wish your nose was a herring so I could eat it! Also your wings sound like sharks snoring! -Tsunami (Wings of Fire book 2, The Lost Heir)

Baron Tredegar

Ukraine Strong!
I remember I was in Target one time several years and I heard a kid yell "But the GoGo Monkey!"

I have been confused and trying to find meaning in those words ever since.


“Tough don’t mean you can’t cry”
“Eat the rich!!!”
-hop pop (amphibia)


“Tough don’t mean you can’t cry”
“I don’t feel safe!”


Be brave and be free.
"Oh, captain, you will find, that Count Dooku does not share our sense of honour. And he knows where you live."
Person1- "You're gay, I know you're gay, and I'm gay for you, so stop being homophobic for just 3 minutes so I can ask you out"
Person 2- "Wait. What?!"
Person 3- "I think ya' broke 'im..."


The Iron Masked Cat in the FAF
"What the sugar-coated muffins is that?!!"