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What Is Your Favorite Setting?


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Either for a fantasy world for characters to originate from, group rps, or even just 1x1 rps. I wanted to gather some info to see what settings are more popular. I usually see modern and sci-fi be the top settings for people, including some canon settings like pokemon. But what setting is your favorite? Take a vote and possibly post below. I also forgot to add steampunk, so if that's your favorite then vote other.



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Whilst I voted modern, personally, I like a lot of genres, so it's hard to pin-point exactly one genre. For me it's a tie between Modern, Sci-fi and Medieval Fantasy.

Monosuki the Aurian

Kyu the Braixen
For me, it seemed that old WW2 settings were key, or modern military settings. I do modern setting like slice of life, casual, and others, but war setting for me were the best, albeit their rarity.


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Has to be fantasy for me. So much to do with world building and settings all while being able to keep things small scaled for more relaxed RPs. That and magic being the deus ex machina it is also allows for more theming to the setting.


I'm into series like Fallout or Warhammer 40,000. I like technology that's near to near future. I'm not into space operas, but I love thinking of what could be used in the year 2050-2070. For fantasy, it has to be dark and taken seriously. Like Warhammer serious or Witcher.


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I'd say fantasy. I prefer dark war themes when I'm roleplaying, usually kingdoms at war or something of the like. That or just normal canon settings for fandom roleplay.