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What is your favorite vegetable?

Favorite veggie?

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I really like broccoli, Napa cabbage, okra, and spring onion.

Edit: Carrots too. I like almost all vegetables actually.
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Damn it! I voted too quickly and forgot that tomatoes aren't vegetables. >.< Fail poll.
I didn't make Tomatoes or other veggiefruits an option because their failures at being fruits.

Edit: Oh I thought I was in my thread :V


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Poor radishes & asparagus, no-one likes em :V


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I'm saying tubers as they've got sweet potatoes and carrots, both my favorites. It's amazing how good sweet potatoes are for you as well.

Oh god carrots

I could eat like 10 a day
Fun thing about Carrots is eating too many of them will cause your skin to change it's hue to orange. It's like your bodies way of telling you're eating to much.
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i love celery, but resently i have been drinking weatgrass shots :3 it may tastes gross, like lawn clippings. it apperently have very good beifits, but then again would you call it a vegitable?


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Grilled potatoes or peppers. <3

Other then that, broccoli.

Asparagus is kinda cool too.


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Tomatoes are only vegetables in the culinary sense, but since it's there...

Tomatoes just can't be beat. Tomatoes are amazing.


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brocolli, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, banana peppers, CORN!!!, and onions are awesome too


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I like a lot of different kinds of veggies.