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What is your favorite video game?

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Malachi The Wolfo

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i can't pick just one favorite video game, but i love the mortal kombat series, the street fighter series, and many fps games, along with GTA


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All time favorite is Kerbal Space Program. Close runners-up include the original Spyro trilogy, Portal, Leisure Suit Larry and Civilization.


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I LOVE the Donkey Kong Country games on the SNES. Always been my fave and has some amazing music as well. Skyrim is amazing too, gah there’s a lot that I like! Hard to choose lol Yoshis Island is also a classic that not many people seem to know about.


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I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for the old NES Dragon Warrior (now Dragon Quest) and Final Fantasy titles.

I still remember the first (and last) time I actually beat Dragon Warrior II on the NES - I had to text my now-boyfriend out of nowhere and tell him the good news! (Seriously, the final area is brutal: one-hit KO bullshit everywhere, and the final boss knows a spell that heals ALL of his HP :mad:)

Sir Thaikard

Metroid. Even if I'm going to have to wait years for Prime 4. Even if I have to wait a decade for a new 2D Metroid that continues where Fusion left off.


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I have Soma, but i never been able to get myself to play it. Is it really that good horror/story game?
It's a bit of a mix, gameplay-wise.

It's almost a walking simulator, if you're good at picking up on the mechanics of the few enemies. Pretty much all of them are very easy to avoid.

SOMA is *all* about the story, atmosphere, and some pretty deep philosophy. I don't endorse it for the gameplay. I endorse it for its absolutely no holds barred approach to humanity, the drive to survive, and the implications of the technology we develop.
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I need to change my prescriptions, my graphics have severely decreased over the years ;y
Your eyes are fine. As for now avoid playing early in the morning and late at night, I hear the developer is releasing a patch to address that issue.


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In terms of quality, my favorite would be Deus Ex (the original, 2000 game). I loved the atmosphere, themes and story. You play as a nano-augmented designer-human in the midst of various world-domination conspiracies. It's inspired by IRL conspiracy theories, it even has the Illuminati as one of the key players, though the game is very clever and extremely engaging.

On a more personal level, my favorites would be Undertale and Changed. They challenged my cynicism and gave me hope when I was going through a rut.


X-Com UFO Defense. (the original one on DOS, not the new ones, though I like those too)


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My absolute favorite game is Dragon Quest 3: The Seeds of Salvation hands down. I played this first on the Gameboy Color when I was a kid, but have since played the NES, Switch, and mobile versions. The NES one is classic, but very hard to look at, while the mobile and switch versions look nice, and the switch one plays very well (though many things have been changed in that version, including monster names and the new hand drawn monster graphics) but I like the GBC version the best because of the monster medal collectables and the pachisi boards, which were both exclusive to that version of the game.


Interesting. What makes you like the original more than the new ones?

The scale and passive leveling system. You felt more like you were managing a true paramilitary organization in the original. The biggest ship let you bring (I believe... it's been a while) 24 soldiers into battle and there were enough enemies that you needed them.

Your soldiers had something like 10 different stats that all passively increased depending on how you used them... so if a guy was shooting a lot his accuracy would go up over time, if he carried around heavy weapons and threw grenades his strength would increase. If your soldier was exposed to a lot of terrifying things his courage would increase and he'd be less likely to panic. If you kept your people alive, they were monsters by the end game.

I like the new ones too, but they just don't feel as epic.

Sir Thaikard

I still think Half Life 2 is my favourite. Still think it's a masterpiece to this day that holds up.

The "episodes" however were a giant disappointment and we won't talk about those.