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What is your fursona's theme song?

Batty Krueger

DJ Nailbunny


Lol how do I delete this account

Just because I never fail to enjoy this song.


memes, you say?

Also methinks this should be in The Den.

Earth Rio

It isn't butter?!
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[video=youtube;U631FGnXDXY]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U631FGnXDXY[/video] ...Because. It's accurate. :rolleyes:

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Also methinks this should be in The Den.

Being music related, I thought The Tube was the best place besides, I don't think we are aloud to post videos in The Den.

This thread has a familiar feeling...

Oh. My first thread on FAF. I'll never forget this comment given to me by one of the regulars around these parts on my first day on my first thread:
That is the gayest thing I've seen in the Den for quite some time. Quite an achievement.
It's disturbing how many people agreed with him. No room for silly threads on The Den. The Den is serious business. :rolleyes:

It felt like a good idea to put it in The Den at the time. Still not sure it it was the right move. But what happened to the pics I posted?! They're not there! :<

Seeing that I don't go there that often, when did the "no vids on The Den" thing happen?

d.batty's theme

I thought this suited you better:


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Hands in the air - TImbaland ft. Ne-Yo


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Don't know if I'll end up changing it later on, but right now this is generally how I feel, ergo my bat fursona feels.


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One of my favourite songs. I think this is probably closest to my 'theme song' and therefore in my case, my fursona's theme song.


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Disturbed, "Divide" because I think really highly of myself :3

I also dont' have a fursona.


My friends joke that this is my theme. My 'sona definately earns it.


Because I don't technically have a fursona, I will do the next best thing and post the theme song of my personal Mascot.