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What is your personality type? An experiment.


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INFP-T, like many others here. I've taken the quiz multiple times over the years andI've gotten the same result every dang time.


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Note: I'm of the opinion that everyone has more than one personality type. In the same way that our sun sign is just a small percentage of our astrological chart, we are not just "one thing" but rather an amalgamation of things depending on the environment we're in.

So for example I'm an INTP at rest, but if around my SO's or in a very comfortable environment I might have much more extroverted ENTP style traits.

I think it's important to look at things from multiple angles, since boxing the human brain into one category tends to make results unreliable and stale.


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The turbulent mediator? Eyyy idk if I can mediate things but *shrugs* yeet.


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INFJ-T. Another one to add to the "But I thought it was rare!" pile :D

I agree that it's kind of sketchy in terms of accuracy/viability, but it's fairly spot-on for me and has been useful for self-improvement purposes.


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I had to do this for a course I did recently (they didn’t use it to target learning to specific styles - so I didn’t get that). That had me down as an ISFJ

Whereas this quiz has me as an ISFP-T (adventurer). Being an ISFJ-T is a protector, and I work in Healthcare (which is a fitting personality for that role!) - I’d say I’m somewhere between the two.


@Ceriph, how interesting that you're inbetween those to as well! I've done the test 3 times over the years, the first 2 times I landed adventurer (ISFP-T) and the latest time was protector (ISFJ-T), altough I don't feel the protector description fits me at all ^^' So I'm going to call ISFP-T until proven otherwise

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"One of the rarest personality types" WHEEZE
Then again, it explains a lot about why I sometimes don't feel as bad when cutting ties with people, or my dark humour.

Oh well, I feel like I gotten a different result before, but I guess maybe I was just not accepting of myself at the time.



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Oh well, I feel like I gotten a different result before, but I guess maybe I was just not accepting of myself at the time.

That's really the biggest flaw in this method. I used to get completely different results because I was answering as what kind of person I *wanted* to be, not the person I *am*.


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"And now? Now we wait.." - The Assertive Architect(INJT-A).

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Did the test again - still a virtuoso.

Vivaldi ain't got shit on me, fucc off you lil Roman violin playin bitch.


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Another assertive architect here.



INFP-T (Mediator)

The 5th trait is new to me, and apparently I'm very strongly turbulent.
I've always been extremely I, strongly N, and strongly P although I used to test strongly J. The F/T is basically a coin toss.


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Meyers-Briggs is pseudo-science at best.


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Meyers-Briggs is pseudo-science at best.
True! But it is still fun to see what it says.
It's the same kind of popcorn allure as Buzzfeed "plan a date night and we'll tell you which friend from Friends you are" quizzes.