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What is your resting pulse?


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I am going to collect your data. I promise only to use it for the most evil purposes.
I was motivated to ask this question because I recorded my pulse while I was preparing to go to sleep yesterday, and discovered it was 48.
I am interested in seeing how atypical my pulse is compared to the rest of you, and what the overall distribution looks like. I suspect Gaussian, but maybe it will be skewed?

To record your resting pulse, relax (don't do it just after physical exertion) press your index and middle fingers to the soft tissue where your wrist joins your hand (just below the thumb) and you should feel the pulse.
I counted for a full minute, but a duration of 15 seconds should be long enough to gather a representative number.
If you count for 15 seconds, multiple the number of beats by 4.

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I assume random spikes don't count.


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76. Losing a lot of weight still, so this will be revisited in a couple of months.

Firuthi Dragovic

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I actually can't feel it the way you're describing - I HAVE to use a machine or have a doctor do it. This has been an issue ever since I was little.


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From what I understand, that's pretty healthy! Most people I've met are around 90+
Average resting pulse lie around 60 to 100. I've lost quite a lot of weight, which is a contributor. Once I have lost most of what I want to lose I may end up below 70.


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