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What is your resting pulse?


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72, but I'm sitting here drinking a stimulant so I'm not sure what to make of that.


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I know how you can lower your heart rate instantly! Just follow me around this corner real quick. 8)
Oh darling, if I'm going to be following YOU around it's only going to increase. ;)

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0, it appears I’m dead.
It was nice knowing you all. I’m off to ghost McDonald’s.

Resting pulse seems to be around 64, might’ve miscounted.


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I'm on stimulant right now, but on average I'm going to ballpark around 70-80. You can be a stick and have a crappy heart. Go touch grass.


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Is there a reason for it? An hour doesn't seem like it would do that. I know Olympic runners can have it lower than that.
I decided in early 2020, when the coronavirus lockdowns began, that I wanted to do something productive with the extra time I had on my hands- especially since there was some tentative evidence that having higher fitness could improve your fight against the virus.

My workout has included a 2 mile run since January, and I think that is probably where the majority of cardiovascular exercise comes in.


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I average high low 50s. I exercise twice a day and tamp coffee down my throat by the gallon.


I've done the opposite of that and traded all my running/cycling/swimming for strength exercises because I can do them indoors, which likely hasn't helped. Should probably start again if we don't get any more lockdowns or I finally come to the front of the vaccine waitlist.


I'm going to say >90 because I consume on average, two bang energies a day to even get through a workday. Doesn't help that my circadian rhythm is out of whack due to me going from a second shift to a opening shift workday with no time for bodily clock adjustment. Oh well, I'm sure thing will sort themselves out with time. Should really cut back though... :/
72. I'm in bed and I want to sleep. I have never drunk energy drinks, I rarely drink coffee, but I am obese


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I'm going to guess an error was made somewhere because I remember it being wayyy higher.

Either that or I've been getting fitter without realising it. Which let's be honest is very unlikely.
Double checked using my neck rather than my wrist, like OP did.

84. That's more me.

I'm a healthy weight and I don't do much - but that's just it, I haven't really had a workout schedule for a while now.


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I never cared to check before but it turned out interesting. Just before falling asleep, I got 55. And this after a day during which I downed grand total of 4 big mugs of coffee and a beer (and enormous amount of pizza I baked myself). Now right after waking up, it barely reaches 40. For a context, I have a sitting job and I hate exercising with a burning passion. My heart is just sloooooow... exactly like the rest of me.


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I am going to collect your data. I promise only to use it for the most evil purposes.
I was motivated to ask this question because I recorded my pulse while I was preparing to go to sleep yesterday, and discovered it was 48.
I am interested in seeing how atypical my pulse is compared to the rest of you, and what the overall distribution looks like. I suspect Gaussian, but maybe it will be skewed?

To record your resting pulse, relax (don't do it just after physical exertion) press your index and middle fingers to the soft tissue where your wrist joins your hand (just below the thumb) and you should feel the pulse.
I counted for a full minute, but a duration of 15 seconds should be long enough to gather a representative number.
If you count for 15 seconds, multiple the number of beats by 4.
I support evil purposes!
Since I have no heart, I am ineligible to participate in this exercise.
I will however, read the responses. To satiate my curiosity of course!


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I dunno I’ve never checked and every time I go to the doctor I start thinking too much when they check vitals and it makes my heart beat faster than normal.

The doctor did once say a couple years ago though that my heart was as healthy as a 12 year olds would be so I guess that’s good.


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Evil never rests so I don't have a resting pulse
Oy. Being evil is MAH job. I am the resident evil woofer. :<