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What is your Sexual Orientation: The Reckoning

What is your Sexual Orientation?

  • 0 - Exclusively Heterosexual

    Votes: 163 22.8%
  • 1 - Mostly Heterosexual

    Votes: 91 12.7%
  • 2 - Bisexual leaning Hetero

    Votes: 66 9.2%
  • 3 - Bisexual

    Votes: 80 11.2%
  • 4 - Bisexual leaning Homo

    Votes: 61 8.5%
  • 5 - Mostly Homosexual

    Votes: 74 10.3%
  • 6 - Exclusively Homosexual

    Votes: 86 12.0%
  • X - Asexual

    Votes: 46 6.4%
  • LOL - Demipansexual Multipass

    Votes: 25 3.5%
  • I don't know? Blue? Fish? Still figuring out!

    Votes: 23 3.2%

  • Total voters
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Four Eyes; Zero Soul
It was just an idea I was toying with recently. I doubt I'm trans, but I won't rule it completely out yet as I'm just beginning to explore the possibility.

When I was a child I HATED being a girl and wished I was a guy so often. Right now I don't care as much, but there are some things I wish I had that guys get handed to them because of society or genetics. -_-
It does take toying with. I mean, it took me about 8 months of toying with the idea as I explored the possibility.
Okay maybe not 8 solid months, but more of a slow, 8 month ramp-up to acceptance.
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I feel heterosexual, even though people claim that it's a bit bi-sexual, generally because of the male furry pictures I have, like this one:

Too musclebound, can't say I'm into that...

But these male anthros....these raise my pulse a bit.... o.o;;


Both sexes can be so beautiful.
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Now now, let's not have this degenerate into 'look what I fap to'.

Because I would win, always and forever.


...You guys aren't really talking about what you fap to, are you?

No, it's relevant because it has to do with attraction to certain body types of the same sex. Its not about fap fodder. Relax guys. You worry too much.
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Butters Shikkon

Patron Saint of Queers

Scaly Fal

Racing Dragon
I'm mostly gay, and there's not many problems with it in my life. Everyone I know is fine with it, and so am I. So sorry, no sad stories comin' from this dragon


I guess I am heteroflexible or bi-curious, but I like to identify as straight and that's sorta how I feel, I guess.

Hateful Bitch

Hang up your coat
I'm mostly gay, and there's not many problems with it in my life. Everyone I know is fine with it, and so am I. So sorry, no sad stories comin' from this dragon
The fact you call yourself a dragon like that is a sad enough story for me.
(that was mean, I already feel bad. I can never live up to my name)

Azure Flare

New Member
proud to say I am now Bi sexual and glad I have found my true self ^-^ so much stress gone and peace found through coming out. (oh dear that sounds wrong X3)


(Though I have noticed that I am WAY more gay than thought I was.)
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Neon Poi

I prefer girls over guys, but I am still capable of being satisfied with and falling in love with a dude so it's not a particularly meaningful distinction in most cases for me.


Simply amazing.
Bisexual. I love my main squeeze, but I like getting a glimpse of a good pair of boobies every now and then >>
I rate a 3 on the Kinsey scale, but I feel like the Kinsey scale is catching more of my romantic side versus my sexual side. I consider myself asexual but it took me a few years of pondering the subject to feel comfortable with that label. Being in a relationship was something I had never considered the possibility of. I was far more interested in bettering myself and expanding my hobbies rather then, "being with" someone. I never looked at another person and immediately thought: "Yes. I'd like to have sex with this person." I guess my ideal "relationship" just happens to be a very deep friendship. Romanticism-wise, I'm panromantic.


bitch where
im an everything-sexual.
and no i dont wanna get it on with a fucking toaster.
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