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What is your sexual orientation

Your orientation

  • Heterosexual

    Votes: 287 29.7%
  • Bisexual leaning heterosexual

    Votes: 117 12.1%
  • Bisexual

    Votes: 111 11.5%
  • Bisexual leaning homosexual

    Votes: 109 11.3%
  • Homosexual

    Votes: 175 18.1%
  • Asexual

    Votes: 47 4.9%
  • Still figuring out

    Votes: 65 6.7%
  • Pansexual (fake sexuality)

    Votes: 54 5.6%

  • Total voters
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Hateful Bitch

Hang up your coat
New thread is needed since the last one was like 6 months ago and a lot of you are sexually confused and have changed your minds multiple times since then.

The only correct answer is straight but feel free to vote whatever you like.

Sinister South Paw

Eggs and bacon
Bisexual leaning homo. I like the dick but I can get down with a female with a good personality.


my name is lucifer, pleased to meet you.
frostbitten furfaggot


Apply directly to forehead.
Bisexual with a heavy preference for the ladies.


100% organic vegan hubbas
bigendered meatpopsicle

Edit- 420 :V


Apply directly to forehead.


Destroyer of Nazi Teddy Bears
Love the option for pansexual!

I voted asexual :3


Hedonist Extraordinaire
I'm not entirely sure, I love the ladies, but I also fantasize about a lot of other stuff. After all if there's a hole, I'm totally in it :3 So I voted Bisexual, heavily leaning towards Hetero, just to be safe.

Mr. Brightside

Mr. Perma-absent
We should have one for what yours is publicly. It could be kind of interesting.

Also, bisexual, maybe leaning homosexual, but it's not concrete yet.


I'm still gay :3

No boyfriend yet though >.>


Well-Known Member
Bisexual. Leaning towards... uh... Bisexual. I said pan last time but I don't feel like carrying that label anymore.
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