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What is your sexual orientation

Your orientation

  • Heterosexual

    Votes: 287 29.7%
  • Bisexual leaning heterosexual

    Votes: 117 12.1%
  • Bisexual

    Votes: 111 11.5%
  • Bisexual leaning homosexual

    Votes: 109 11.3%
  • Homosexual

    Votes: 175 18.1%
  • Asexual

    Votes: 47 4.9%
  • Still figuring out

    Votes: 65 6.7%
  • Pansexual (fake sexuality)

    Votes: 54 5.6%

  • Total voters
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Still making my mind up.

Never had much luck with women, I lack the confidence to ask them out and so far none of them have asked me out.

A few guys have wanted to get their paws on me, and one of them recently succeeded. ;)

Still not sure if I'm bi, gay or straight, trying to make up my mind.


I think sexual orientation is something that develops over the years, rather than something that instantly happens and stays that way. That doesn't mean you can suddenly say you want to change orientation and stay that way in a matter of seconds though.

I started off as being curious about females and starting to kind of lean towards them, although I wasn't interested in relationships as of the time. I thought penises looked wierd at first. I had found it hard to find any males attractive and I wasn't even sure if I was even attracted to them at all. But when I did find what was attractive in guys, my mind changed a whole lot about them. I tend to lean a lot towards guys with medium-long to long hair (head hair, not body hair), anything shorter, I find isn't really "EWW UGLY" but rather...boring I guess, like I don't feel anything. The sad thing is a lot of guys cut their hair boringly short, and it seems to be some kind of socially unacceptable thing towards the public for guys to have long hair like as if it's gross and unhygenic. Stupid double standards. Ok I'm starting to fall off-topic here...

Back to females, I can find them attractive but I don't feel as inclined to be in a relationship with them, if not at all, I'm reluctant about experimenting because being with a male sounds more fun. I guess it's best to say I'm a bi leaning hetero.


"toxic and negative"
Couple of the posts recently in this thread have been thoroughly inappropriate- this isn't some murry purry bullshit thread guys, don't lay on the flirtatiousness/circlejerking heavier than your momma after she's been for her weekly three-day binge at McDonalds. There are other forums for that.


I actually had to Google Pansexual. I think some of the definitions are too broad in that they say, romantic, sexual or emotional attraction. I am wondering if there needs to be options to separate sexual from romantic. such as one could be sexually interested in same, all sexes for the purpose of sexual gratification but romantic/emotional connection to only a specific gender? for the latter I am definitely Hetro and if I had gender reassignment surgery I would definitely be a Lesbian. That part is not a choice and is hardwired into the brain (my opinion). After such surgery would I crave the real thing inside me? , I have never had any other type of sex but I wouldn't totally rule it out depending on the situation.
Here is an example: say a Hetro Submissive is ordered to pleasure a male and they do it, would they get sexual gratification from that and would it be because they enjoy the specific act, enjoy being dominated and controlled, enjoy seeing the top being pleased from their actions, a combination of these. etc. What if the Sub was feminized first? would that change the situation? does this then make the person Bisexual? These are just my own musings. Maybe some of you actually have experiences with this?
Do you identify with one of the options in the poll sexually but romantically (one you choose to love and take as a life partner) identify as a different option?


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I think that bisexual men who have trouble emotionally bonding with other men are dealing with a bit of internalized homophobia.

Evan of Phrygia

Decidedly a total gay. All the way, through and through.

(Until after college...if going with boys ends badly)

Imperial Impact

The Imperial Juicer
Although I identify as a homosexual, I've been feeling an unusual amount of interest towards females lately. no idea what's causing it.

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