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What is your sexual orientation?

What is your sexual orientation?

  • Heterosexual

    Votes: 204 35.4%
  • Homosexual

    Votes: 97 16.8%
  • Bisexual

    Votes: 174 30.2%
  • Asexual

    Votes: 23 4.0%
  • Pansexual

    Votes: 50 8.7%
  • Other/Unlabeled

    Votes: 29 5.0%

  • Total voters
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I get alot of people thinking I'm gay and in denial, truth is I don't care, the only time I really mention my sexuality is if I'm asked or if I meet a cute guy I think is gay.

I don't rant/rave about it and I'm not overly flamboyant. People who are tend to get on my nerves.

There isn't a large gay scene around here. Unless you go into the city but screw that, I can do without getting date raped.


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I know, right? Can't make up my mind!
I only look at sexy women stuff, but I love the warm embrace of a husky man.
I think I'm about 95% gay, though.
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Taren Fox

What if I only am sexually attracted to herms? Does that make me bisexual?


Well there is a difference, sort of, between bisexual and pansexual. With bisexuality, you are going on the idea that gender is binary. Pansexuals take that binary and throw it out the window. Gender is more than just girl and boy. There is a range of genders and sexualities and pansexuals are attracted to people rather than a gender or sexuality.

Take me for example. I am biologically female, though if someone were to ask me what gender I am, I'd probably not have an answer for you. I'm sort of something inbetween. The term pansexual refers to people who take this kind of gender identity (and other gender identities) into account and is attracted to person regardless of gender expression or their sexual orientation. I am personally attracted to people, not what they have downstairs or how they identify.

And so, I am pansexual.


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Thats not fucked up, being attracted to 50 penii on 1 body or vaginas where other things should be is.

I wouldn't be surprised if that's his definition of herm :V
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