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What is your style?


Kulo the Brush Panda
Sorry if this has already been done but if not *shrugs* but what is your art style? If one were to describe it what would it be and does it change occasionally? Do people recognize your style?

For example my art style is mostly cartoonish digitally or traditionally, but I've noticed that I do in fact have different ways of drawing between the two. On paper, my art is softer, more chibi while digitally I seem to possess a sharper, smoother feel.

But yeah what is your art style?


I don't have a style... which is kinda sad. I can copycat every given style but I never developed my own.


The Arcane Sage
In painting it is 19th century traditional narrative realism. In drawing (real drawing) it is the same. In comics and sketches I have a style but it has no name.
Over the last three decades I have developed a rather earthy solid sort of thing. Not known for any digital art since I pre-date the technology. My works are not really hard to pick out, I do not exaggerate the figures or go for the flashy colors.


Curled up in a tree
I think mine is semi realistic/realistic. It's the same when I try and draw a little more cartoony,I try to keep the anatomy realistic but change the eyes and try to focus more on the expressions.


My 'style' is constantly learning new things as an artist. I not too concerned about developing a 'style' as it will inevitability appear on it's own. I'm somewhat inspired by game concept art. so there you go.


4 hands good 2 hands bad ;)
Mostly realistic with slight anime-esque twist.


failing's no biggie
mine is semi-realistic, with heavy texture usage, but i try a lot of different stuff now and then because i like to experiment. I was told once or twice someone recognized my drawings immediately even on a different art-site, which is nice! :)
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Mr. Prickles
My style would simply be called, and what I call it, is just doodling with a manga feel. You tell me.


My style really changes depending on my mood and what the piece is about. ...but if I had to pick, I did have someone mention to me I draw in a 80's-90's Japanese anime fashion. ...which to me is a compliment since I do like that style/era of animation.


Kulo the Brush Panda
Wow! So many answers! I wasn't sure what I expected when I asked this. I was mostly curious. Hmmm I myself most tend to draw 'cute, fluffy' things. I'm never sure if I have a set style yet but when I look back at last drawings I realize that as I've kept drawing subtly so does the style, the proportion, etc. I suppose I asked this as an experiment. But thank you all for answering! ^u^ I truly appreciate it.


The Sergal that Didn't Vore
I'm shooting for Anime/Manga, but what I turn out with is an absolute insult to that.


Bomb Rider
Cartoony with extra pointy ears!


Abstract Chimaera
I don't even know what's my style called. :confused:
Although I intent to draw concept art sketch though.