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What is your style?


"cartoon" is the easiest way to put it. i like crazy expressions, bright colors, and all that crap that was on tv in the 90s. i use a jazillion different styles just depending on my mood, though, with varying levels of toonyness from something resembling rubber hose to some kind of semi-realism. uh. when i'm not just experimenting or screwing around, i have at least two or three fairly distinct styles that i normally use. i'm a lot more likely to do crazy cartoons when i use the tablet, and semi-realism when i draw on paper, 'cause that's what i find easier.


The NO chosen one
I'm like Lanky Kong, I have no style, I have no grace, and my draws has funny faces u.u


Taste purple
People I know commented that it looks like those style that you see going for western RPG books and stuffs.

But then someone commented that it looks like a style that can be adorable and cruel at the same time when needed so I will go with the latter.

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For mine.. Semi realistic anime style? I don't really know.


For art class and real-world portraits I use a really realistic style, but anything else ranges from anime to cartoon, to Chibi.


This is a hard one for me. As an Anime artist, I'd developed my own style of realism cartoon- but then I tried translating that into fur art and realism anthros in cartoon form just look freakish. So it was super difficult for me drawing back and making it more exaggeratedly cartoony!


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It is absolutely normal to have a varying style, it just shows you growing as an artist. Young artists tend to change style quite often, I know I do.