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What is your talent?


The guy with pie.
I know a guy that can make him self burp when ever he wants. Like he can do short ones, long ones. I have even heard him hold an entire conversation in belches.


You can call me Oni~
Do you have a hidden talent like whistling or being able to float, why not share it with us?
Man.. I have dreams I could float all the time! Gets confusing when I wake up and realize I can't defy gravity at all :(


You can call me Oni~
I'm never noticed by anyone unless I explicitly say anything.

One time I almost forgot to pay for a meal, went up to the counter and the cashier said they never saw me walk in.
I know that feeling xD


You can call me Oni~
I can make myself cry. I can breath out of my mouth and nose at the same time. I can also do the double-jointed finger-claw thing. I'm surprisingly good at 'reading between the lines' when talking to someone after a while. Can do the cross-eyed thing where you cross your eyes and move one away from the center, but not the other xD I can wiggle my nose. And I am a fast learner, as long as I don't over think something.

Deleted member 64551

I can access files from computers with corrupted Microsoft Windows OS. :p


Noble ze Arctic Wolf
since when was whistling an official talent? i can do that tho :3
i can also:
annoy people by imitating kazoo, trumpet, and fly buzzing
make fairly spot on imitations of some famous people/moments. Ex: Spongebob's "hi how are ya'" i can also sing tiny tim's music like he himself would sing it.

last but not least:
i've been gaming ever since i could get my hands around a controller. and if science is right, and i think it is, my hand-eye coordination should be amazing


What DOES my username mean...?
I can also pop my jaw at will. :3
Ditto. i used to do it at school during class. i can do it three different ways both freakishly loud and at high or low pitch. Nobody can tell where the sound is coming from.
Sometimes it happens while i'm eating, especially if i'm eating something chewy like steak. it grosses people out sometimes if i'm not careful.
if i fall asleep on the right side of my face in the right (wrong) way, i can do it louder. ...and painful-ier. Hell, it's hardly a talent; more like a curse. TMJD sucks...


I can fake pop my knuckles. I put my hands under my chin and make a really loud pop noise that creeps everyone out.


AAAAAAAAAAAAYAAA!!! *beats up his keyboard*
Also, I have infinite logic. Also equivalent to Blu's boundariless philosophy. :3


Hello, Proto
Picking up and playing video games I have no previous experience with and being fairly good at them.


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I am incredibly good at making girls wet.