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What is your view on love?


ive been in love with another many times, almost married too. it is a great feeling


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I don't really believe in it >.>. I don't see how you can trust another person with your feelings, it doesn't seem like a good idea.


Diane the Eccentric Lynxfox
Assuming we're talking about the romantic variety of love...

Love is when two seperate people are able to share one life. 83 Each is still a unique individual, but their existences become so intertwined that they are, essentially, sharing a reality.

...and love is challenging, but that just makes it better in the end.

OR, on the subject of non-romantic love...

I think there's a HUGE difference between love, like, and respect. Love... well, I love pretty much everybody, in the sense that I care deeply about them, their existence, their well-being. I can love someone who annoys the heck outta me, and I would feel bad if something happened to them, and if they needed me, I would probably help them (assuming it was within my abilities and morals)... but I certainly don't have to like them or be their friend. I can also adore someone dearly as a friend, but have very little respect for them because of bad choices or work ethic. On the flipside, I've met many people who I had all the respect in the world for, but I would die of boredom if I were to try and hang out with them as a friend.

...romantic love and non-romantic love are SO completely different, in my mind, that it seems a little silly that they share the same word.

Anywho! I think I'll end my overly philosophical rambling, now. x3


My view on love? I really don't know how to explain it.

In any case, though, I usually just keep to myself even if I love said person. I find it better just to lock myself up emotionally and physically because I don't want to ruin a good thing (I couldn't find a better way to word it :/ ).


whitenoise can't have abandoment issues...

HE's a fucking Frankenstein!

Hey, he got left in the lurch (hurrhurrhurr) by his mad scientist/doctor "dad", clearly. Who are you to judge him?


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Arnold Judas Rimmer describes it as a device invented by bank managers so we'll all get into overdraft.

As for me, you don't have to understand it, just feel it, it's nice.


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I describe love as comfort. Enjoying being myself around someone and knowing that is what allows him or her to enjoy me the most.


I don't have it for anyone outside of some family members and for my friends.

So honestly, I couldn't tell you about the romance side of it.
Who dug up this turd >:[ ?

I solved the mystery ages ago, love is this :V .

That's infatuation, I'm pretty sure love is the thing that comes after that where you've grown to hate the person and every night when they're asleep you look down at them and imagine how good it would feel to smother them to death with a pillow, but you don't because you've been together so long you can't imagine you're life without them even though every day you're together kills you a little more and by the end of it all you can think about is how you much yearn for the sweet sweet kiss of death :V .


It's the feeling that always gets me smoking again. *lights cigarette*

So far love has only brought suffering upon me. Sooner or later it'll turn out for the better. But until then. I need to try to stop smoking again :\


Love is a powerful tool indeed. It's basically good, but a love that is crushed is often considered "bad", when in reality it's merely stifled.


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It's a chemical reaction in the brain, I don't even believe it to be real. The ideology behind love is bullshit in my opinion.


Wait... what?
Call me cheesy, but love is probably the most important thing in my life.
I used to not even believe in love, but experiencing it changed my mind.

Furthermore: Stop using smileys within your sentences, Whitenoise, that just looks wrong. >:C


Love as in friendly or family love is very important. Can't live without it, metaphorically speaking. If you don't have love it's gonna be extremely difficult to live your life.

As for love as in finding a mate, that's also a good idea if you find a partner that will love and respect you, as well as you do the same for him or her. It's not required, but it's something you probably might want to consider. As for me, I haven't quite found my ideal mate yet, but time will tell. ^^'


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Holy necro on this thread. WHo drug it back out again? ANd why am I still here?
Love is not for everybody. Many unevolved people (which a lot of gay furries are) will search only for lust , not love. People with intelligence search for companionship and real love.
Hate me if you want. It's true , it's dam true.