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What is you're 3 most sentimental possessions?

Another 'what' thread. Enjoy lady's and tacos... Beefy enchiladas too.

My most sentimental items are
My teady bunny from when I was a baby.
The rib-cage ring my mate bought me.
My grandmothers hastas.

Fell free to elaborate:)
My mother and father's photo albums
My grandfather's pocket watch/knife
The books my mother read me when I was a child back home in Warsaw...


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My Xbox, computer and... soul? that's a pretty important possession :3

I dont really have any "passed down" stuff... :(
Let's see... most sentimental possessions...

A pocket knife my late Grandfather left me,
A medallion my late Grandmother gave me,
and a ring my very good friend gave me =3


My pillow which smells like my friend

Catheter from when I put my dog down

Some pretty jewelry my grandma purchased for me. :>


shut up bitch
Mantyke Pokedoll
Mantyke UFO Plush
Mantyke Cellphone charm


This blue and white teddybear from when I was like 1. It's been there ever since I can remember.
Um... Besides that I dunno.


A little Fox plushie, made in the '60s, given to me by my mother, and taken with me on all my travels for good luck.

A Victorian brass lizard that belonged to my Grandma.

A worn out old leather jacket that was my best friend's favourite posesion, given to me by his mother at his funeral.

Everything else in my house could be replaced or I'm not worried about - can't believe anyone would list a computer as something they have a sentimental attchment to!


-A watch my dad gave me, I wear it everyday.
-The first plushy I ever made, I still like it even though I use it as a pincushion.
-A love letter I received from someone way back in elementary, we were such silly kids back then D=

And my sister's gonna buy me a drawing tablet soon... I'm sure that's gonna take a special place in my heart xD


aka Koudoawaia
My engagement ring
The dragon pendant my fiance gave me when we started dating last year
The snowleopard plush he bought me last year
and just adding a fourth, my guinea pig Vixen^^
also adding a fifth sorry, the dragon plush my best friend gave me^^
My wedding ring
My Dad's guns and knives ( :p I cheated)
My grandaddy's guns


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1: my awsome deck of Yu-Gi-Oh deck
2: my nintendo DS and alla my games.
3: my wooden sword my best friend made and gave to me.
and adding a fourth and fifth
4:My family and friends
5: my holy hand gernade replica!


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Lets see... three possessions...

Got it!

1. My sketchbooks (I have some that reach all the way back to 6th grade... so many memories. ^_^;; )

2. My Disney memorabilia, of the two times I've gone (there was a ten year gap between the first and latest trips) I have to say they were the happiest moments in my life.

3. My two photographs of my grandmother... She died when I was seven and I only have two photographs left of her that I own. My parents have many more though.

Basically that's the major stuff. All of them hold many good and bad memories that I couldn't bare to part with.
trigun shotglass. the first shotglass i bought and used...good times

sketches and drawings of madeleine. (long story)

a collection of saved emails with a close friend of mine. (even longer story)
My memories.
The thank you/apology letter my dad wrote me before he died.
The necklace with a sharktooth that my friend and I made two years before he was killed in an accident..
Take my tech, home and anything else. >>; those three things..They keep me goin...
My yin-Yang necklace
My hunting knife
And my garfield doll my mother got me for easter 6 years ago.


I usually destroy my possessions or give them away (it's only been a really recent thing that I've succumbed to latent pack rat urge):

A globe flag my cousin got for me (amidst the Afghan war protests and later Iraq war protests - which my friends and I were pretty active in).

Purple Parrots shirt I have (mostly because the sentimentality was forced upon me).

A stuffed opossum my girlfriend got for me.

I guess. I mean, there's no huge affinity for sentimentality in any of this stuff; I have a hard time attaching to objects.


My computer (or hard drive because that's where the stuff that matters is, lol)
My bookshelves (I have too many books)
And a painting by my first and best Best Friend.