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What job would your Fursona have?

Rosie Paws

I thought it would be interesting to see what job your fursona would have if they had one.

In real life I am a dog groomer so I think my fursona would be a hair stylist!


As Cethocro is skilled in military subjects and religions, maybe a battle priest, or a chaplain (FOR THE EMPEROR OF MANKIND !)
But it's fiction so... I think he will be a bodyguard owo


cutie but shy dragon or smth
It has no job..... maybe a professional worker
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Professional Watermelon Farmer
Comedian, maybe?

But in the world of RP/stories, Simo runs the S. S. Skunk Soap, Scent and Apothecary Co., Ltd., makers of these and other fine products:

-The Simo S. Skunk line of Soaps, Shampoos and Conditioners, including his famous Sycamore-Cedar-Skunk soap, smells like a mossy forest after a rain, very pleasant, and enticing
-Various rather alluring 'Essences'
-Ticklex™ Cream: When applied, makes anyone very, very ticklish
-Rump Relaxer™ Lotion and Cream. Makes any rump feel better, after a spanking
-Mischievol™ When added to a glass of watermelon juice or drink, makes any fur become very, very mischievous. Use with caution.
-Muskazolam™ Makes anyfur not bothered by being sprayed, but, makes them gradually want to want to be
-Foxitol™ This was supposed to make foxes less mischievous, but hasn't even managed to have a placebo effect :p

Casey Fluffbat

E. Fuscus from the discount section
No legitimate job. Black market dealer and a part-time thief.


Professional Watermelon Farmer
I don’t know honestly, I could see him working in travel or national park/forestry service. I have joked that being a drivers safety teacher would be quite ironic though

Oh, Driver's Ed. teacher is ideal:

Tacoma: "OK, now slow down as we go into this curve"
Student Fox: "Like this?" (grins, and hits gas innocently)
Tacoma: "No, no! The other pedal, the brake!!"
Fox: (slams on breaks, causing the car to spin out in a 360) "There, all nice and stopped!"
Tacoma: "Yeah, but we're no longer on THE ROAD!"
Fox: "Oh, right!" (Slams gas pedal down, kicking up a barrage of gravel, and screeches back onto the winding mounting road, veering past an oncoming truck carrying a load of timber)
Tacoma: (faints)


Tacoma: "Where am I?"
Nurse: "Well, you fainted, and this kind fox who you were teaching to drive brought you here...looks like a case of nerves, but you'll be fine..."
Tacoma: "Yeah as soon as I go back to simply crossing roads!" (takes up a career painting newer and better deer crossing signs)


Perpetually sleepy cat
I was thinking about simply making mine some kind of musician. Or something like an emotional support animal. Maybe both?


Probably engineer, since I studied mechatronics and really love all things related to robotics

Deleted member 111470

He'd like to work in some ridiculously expensive resort in the Caribbean where ridiculously rich people come to relax.


back to Aussie foxying!
Fashion designer!


AKA Allie or Aouzy
I made her a cop because it felt like the obvious thing to do and because it would help me develop her more. Also I think she'd look cute in a police uniform.

Firuthi Dragovic

World Serpent, overly defensive
Anything involving accounts and numbers.

Or if put into settings too old for those kinds of things, any sort of role requiring pattern recognition. (Even a primitive society needs someone who can figure out the travel patterns of prey animals.)


Guess I’ll be Tracer
They’d probably be a comic book artist (my fursona is based of me and that’s the job I want)