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What job would your Fursona have?



He would probably work as a forest ranger/conservation officer taking care of the wildlife, educating visitors about the park's history and rules, etc.

But sometimes he would just wander off into the woods and spend some time alone enjoying the place and having a snack lol


Smartass skunk
He's kind of an authoritative jerk at times, but spacey too.

So, Space shuttle commander.


Random Posting Sheepo
He's a corporate mercenary who specializes in frontal assaults on large scale conflicts on hostile worlds torn by war, or quelling rioting populace and bringing order on planets torn by anarchy and strife.


Duality Fluff Dragon
If you want a definitive answer from me, Baker. That's what Dogryme wants to be, just make lots of great food. He has plenty of resistance to the temptation of eating what he makes, so he doesn't snack on the job like his in-universe GF Runa does.


Death Incarnate
Proabably a tattoo artist- I know I’ve seen that in here a few times but honestly if Rotten represents me, and I can be anything I want or would be that. I work sales though, heh, so don’t have the time to do that so I guess I’ll just dream.


Resident Stone Age Fox
Sakara doesn't seem like the sort to work for an employer, too solitary. He'd probably end-up creating and running a family-owned shop in which he'd sell his own various crafts made from stone, bone, wood, and animal hide. Why those things? Well, Sakara will never lose his wild, primitive connections.

Jackpot Raccuki

Mind your manors
My character would most likely either be hobbyist programmer making his own stuff...
But his main job would most likely being a Psychologist, purely on how hes able to understand and manipulate emotions...
And be able to talk to people deeply about stuff, and if you ever get upset you can pet him since hes half dog and half bear so you can also hug him, maximum care for whenever you get sad.


This will probably sound ridiculous, but because of the story my fursona is mainly in, they . . . well, work at a fast food restaurant.

(It's based on events from my past, I definitely don't aspire to that job or anything. In the future they would have whatever job I plan on having, probably something to do with art/animation).

Rap Daniel

Clever dino wizard boi
Probably taking care of the carnivorous dinosaurs up close and personal at Jurassic World, frequently checking on Blue(guess why?)

Why? He's a carnivore, too, so he can relate to and understand them even better than Grady.


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She is too dumb to have a job
But would probably be a vlogger or an instagram aesthetic selfie and food girl ✨


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It depends on the setting really, in most settings my main character has some sort of military role, usually high ranking like field general or spec-ops captain. However for general modern nothing's ever been set in stone. Recently I came up with the idea of him being a musician and being the lead singer in some band with a few of my other characters.


Emerian Lore Master
Primary employment is a historian, though he is also a mechanic and an expert at restoration on vintage and antique machinery and other odds and ends


Androgynous Homolupus
Would depend on the world/time period really
Current real time would be an artist of multiple mediums, mainly paint and metal


tv bab
Oh, this is a hard one!
Maybe a waitress or barista or other job where she'd be around people all day. Bonus if the uniform is cute. :D

Bluefiremark II

Magic Blue Phoenix
He'd definitely be an Explorer, he's already an adventurer, loves finding new things. So an Explorer sounds perfect for him.