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what keeps you from sleeping at night?


As slick as a bad analogy
Naps in the middle of the day.


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Now, this thread is better.

In my case:
1. Homework.
2. The Internet.
3. Music.

Not in that exact order.


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If there's excessive light in the room, that'll keep me up. Also, not being able to turn off my brain; why does it always want to ponders life's greatest mysteries when it's 2 in the morning?


As slick as a bad analogy
Light, noise, or shock doesn't bother me at all, but the funny thing is that I can't sleep at all if I hear somebody talking or eating, even very quietly. I used to take naps every day in the afternoon, and last year housing was doing construction on the apartment and I was fine. Concrete drills ain't got nothing on me. But as soon as my roommate comes and opens a snack, there's no going back to sleep. Really odd.
Interesting. do you think it is because the person or noise has entered the threshold that would cause you to sense there near presence and put you on edge?


Guess what mood I'm in today.

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Starry nighsky and internet. Sometimes I just stay awake for no real reason.


The nightmares.

The horrifying, unending nightmares.

I wake up screaming, but I can never remember why.


As slick as a bad analogy
Pulling a second all nighter tonight, for some reason I can't stay/fall asleep today. I'm starting to hurt from being so tired. Can't tell if I'm starting to get sick from the lack of sleep, or can't sleep because I'm sick with something.


Caffine, adderall, videogames and roommates that don't have 8am classes.