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What keeps you polite?


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Usually, I'll say something. Unless they look way more physically threatening than me.

Okay, so usually I keep my mouth shut :(


Some of the people I respect the most are those who never lose their cool, never swear, and generally are just all around decent polite people. It's something I aspire to myself.


honestly at this point very little keeps me polite, or interested in making an effort in doing so + providing insight/discussion

the overwhelming content of these forums combined with other factors has made me more or less stop bothering

it's pretty much hopeless and it's only going to get worse

IRL though flipping shit out rarely does anything to improve a situation, nor does it often end up any way other than you looking like a crazed asshole. excepting cases of abuse or disruption that affects many people, like if someone's flipping out on a bus and someone else stops them.

you need only look at people's reactions to the U.S. Open brawl where an admittedly obnoxious mouthy and swearing bro 1) has his drink spilled on him 2) is verbally confronted while he's trying to watch a game 3) is slapped by some older woman 4) is tackled by an even older man 5) is throttled by the older woman as he's trying to get away and 6) is tackled by a bunch of other spectators in trying to get away from the woman
yet people shouted in the videos "throw the bum out" and at least half the narrative or comments were basically approving of the middle aged woman and the old guy assaulting a guy who made absolutely no effort to attack them, even after the fact, even in self defense- yet he's still demonized for being 'mouthy'

it'd be cynical of me to say that's what keeps me polite, and luckily that isn't why- life sucks enough without wasting it chasing after some asshole that cut you off or yelling at some lady that cut in line at the grocery store.

also there's no such thing as karma and the world has absolutely no justice or equality or fairness in the way events happen. the only thing we can do is to act positively, so that the preventable stuff- perpetuation of inflicted harm and misery from one person to another -is minimized.


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I'm not a confrontational type of person, I am also not rude either.

Some of the people I respect the most are those who never lose their cool, never swear, and generally are just all around decent polite people. It's something I aspire to myself.

I also respect people more who are polite to me. If people are polite to me, I am polite back, if they are rude when there is no cause for it, I ignore them.

I know people have off days, but that is no reason to be rude to random people. Even if I am in sour mood I can still be polite to the guy/girl at the check out in the store, and to other people out in the street.
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Mostly because I'd lose my job for grabbing a kid in each hand and squeezing their necks until their little heads pop like infected blisters.

That, and the whole "murder is illegal" thing. A total deal-breaker, that.


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What keeps you from snapping and verbally chewing rude people to bits? Fear of physical retaliation? Unflagging politeness in the face of suffering others' egregious impoliteness? Your job? Your desire to minimize confrontation and contact of any sort with others? What holds your leash?

You're implying that I don't verbally immolate assholes. It ranks in my top five most entertaining hobbies: Concisely and deliciously proving to someone's face how much of a retard they are. It makes my day.

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Very little keeps me polite. Mostly self-interest.


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Hmmm, well I'm the type that's very polite; I hold open doors for people, say my pleases and thank you's among other common polite phrases all the time. Really I never really cared if others don't, though I have questioned why I do it and there's a few times I was ignorant, didn't be polite on purpose, or was rude either on purpose or not. However I'm usually pretty polite all-in-all.

I guess from the times I questioned why do it, and the times I didn't do it I figured why not do it.

edit: even if they're going out of their way to be rude to you, it's easier to just be polite back.
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I'd say manners.

It's a lost art, but I still practice it. Ultimately, I see no point in wasting any energy on the scum of society as at the end of the day, they're the once left with a headache, not me.


Because there are better ways to solve and react to this sort of thing.

I don't want to fall to their level by throwing a temper tantrum.

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It does slightly concern me how I've begun to fantasize about brutally murdering people over things they say or do that are only mildly annoying.

Don't worry about that, I do that all the time, that's just your id talking, the rest of your brain talks it down.


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I'm a pussy and I avoid conflict if I can help it.

Although I'm become much less of a pussy lately.


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My timid, shy and very submissive personality yea im like a docile cat who freaks out easily at the slightest uproar and runs out of the room like a deranged chicken

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1. It's a waste of energy.
2. Regardless of what you want to think, it doesn't feel good.
3. It rarely solves problems. Usually leads to more useless conflicts.
4. People will be people. Quit nitpicking and go about your business.
5. Tolerance reaps personal rewards.

And lastly...pretty much everything Trpdwarf said.


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Getting arrested. That's what stops me.
I've been pushed that far before and almost got arrested, until I somehow managed to get out of it without my parents knowing.


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I don't know, I guess it's my nature to be passive. That and how many times have we been told not "to make a scene"?


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In the most extreme cases, all I really have to offer is a "look". But yeah, it's likely that you'll run into someone who is crazier than you are in your time, and I'd rather it not be on bad terms. And then my partner's always willing to share a middle finger or "compliment" someone's driving.. it freaks me out, cus man...

If it's not a concern about getting into a confrontation, apparently, you can get fined for insulting someone in Germany. I don't even. But this is what I've been told, and it's definitely really wtf. Dunno how strictly that's enforced, when you call someone a bitch on the street, but the conversation over this made me decide that I just won't even say shit to people like that. Virginia is like the Wild West to here. And that's just the East Coast.


Because I've been conditioned throughout my life to be a pussy and to never openly be annoyed at anyone.

It does slightly concern me how I've begun to fantasize about brutally murdering people over things they say or do that are only mildly annoying.

I lol'd at this, assuming this is completely in jest. Hah, what an amusing fellow..
Usually, I keep my cool because I can see where the other person's coming from and can sympathize. I tend to think of people who are blatantly rude, selfish or immature as acting out because they are either insecure with themselves, mentally or socially handicapped and doing their best to deal with a situation that's over their heads, or come from a background that allowed/encouraged such behavior. In any case, I more pity them than anything.