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What kind of art do you buy?


I think it would be helpful for artists to know exactly what kind of thing people are most likely to buy in a commission.

What are you most likely to buy? Regular commissions or YCHs? Icons? Fullbody art? Reference sheets? NSFW art?


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I would like to buy something with my fursona for beggining, the problem is currently im broke and I do not even know the prices


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Usually the printed kind, graphic novels and comics from artist alleys and other conventions.


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I would probably do like something about my fursona, so probably like an Icon, Expression Sheet, and full body art.

Probably wouldn't want my fursona to do some NSFW crap since its myself and that's kinda weird. Unless, it was a character I made and I would probably do a NSFW commission for it.


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I tend to go for commissions when I have a lot of spare money through artists that I REALLY admire and YCHs for when I'm just feeling a bit empty and need to buy something for myself to fill that void! (Or also when I want some quick, slightly cheaper art)
I'm sorry I don't know where that came from TuT


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Well, I don't really have any criteria for the most part. I commission all kinds of artists as I see fit and have the money for it.

I prefer commissioning from scratch, tho the occasional YCH I don't mind hitting up as well. I don't commission NSFW ever.