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What kind of "fur" are you?


  • Lifestyle Fur

    Votes: 112 13.6%
  • Hobbyist

    Votes: 326 39.7%
  • Fetishist

    Votes: 79 9.6%
  • Pure Artist/Art fan

    Votes: 123 15.0%
  • Newcomer/Curious

    Votes: 163 19.9%
  • Not a Fur

    Votes: 18 2.2%

  • Total voters


New Member
well, I'm new... I guess the art is what got me but I am new.


Pervert , but a cuddly pervert
just like to say , DISNEY got me into furry HAHA seriously

anyway im a hobbyist because im not a fur nut , but i love the porn and roleplaying it *thumbs up*

its more interesting


Grammar. Use it.
Gotta say, I'm more of a hobbyist. The porn's just a nice bonus.
I'm def a hobbyist, I make fursuits and draw anthro and have been drawin them since I COULD hold a pencil! I <3 the art, but I'm not sexually interested in the fandom at all. The people are also cool to talk to, and I go to Anthrocon.
I don't have a fursona but have plenty of furry characters! I would like a sona but can't think of one... :/

Fuzzy Alien

I guess "Hobbyist" would be the closest thing up there. I love films and games with anthros, I've commissioned (and wear) ears, and I dig the yiff, but I don't know if conventions are for me yet.


ǝ1ʇıʇ ɹǝsn ɯoʇsnɔ
I've been a furry for about 2-3 years. I am in it for the art and sometimes the yiff. In my own opinion; lifestyle fur is just a little too far. Yiff is a bit too far also, but I watch it, IDK. There are a lot of nice people in the fandom, I've only came across one rude, arrogant furry ego. He matters not anymore. I'm also a religious furry... I do want to learn to draw furries. It kinda has a feeling of innocence in the fandom, kinda taking the troubles of the adult world, when the yiff is left aside. I mostly like the fact that a lot of furries are nice.


New Member
I luffles the Artwork, Fursuiting, a real fur-phile really ^_^ When i get my suit made i'll be wearing it almost everywhere... except on very hot days, then it's just all 4 paws, tail and ears ^_^

I considder it mixed between a lifestyle and a hobby for me. Nice fuzzies, very nice artwork, plus very hawt fursuits.


I just realized I voted wrong... more than a hobbyist because I'd be devastated if I lost the furry fandom, less than a lifestylist because I'm too poor to own a fursuit and buy commissions.

I draw and write... my two biggest hobbies... both centered around furries.


the designated hype man
its a hobby for me i guess cant really say a whole lot more than that i just joined