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What kind of furry are you?


Roller Coaster Imagineer.
What do you do to participate in the world of the furry fandom?

Do you take photographs or go to events such as cons?

Do you make various genres of furry themed music?

Do you draw wonderful furry art to share with those on furaffinity?

Or do you just admire the vast amounts of beautiful art placed on furaffinity?

We all participate to the furry fandom in our own great ways and that is what makes us
an open, welcoming fandom!


I creep out non furs and sometimes even furs with my furriness.

No (What is that anyways?)

Sarcastic Coffeecup

Hand. Cannot. Erase.
I look at art sometimes, but mostly just fuck around these forums out of habit and boredom.


4 hands good 2 hands bad ;)
I'm going to a con I can barely even afford.

Is that furry enough for yas?


Just another Metalhead
I'm not furry at all, what's wrong with you.

Do you have eyes?

I do have eyes.
But Im a furry too.
Its impossble.

Illuminati confirmed


Hikaru Okami

Radiant Wolf
I'm an artist and collector. Can't resistance anything with wolves on it.

Art Vulpine

Art Vulpine
I guess you can say I'm not in the fandom as much compared to some.

I still like furry art.
I used to draw furries but until I improve my drawing of human porportions I won't draw them anymore.
I attend one convention per year called Furpocalypse in Connecticut, but hopefully one day I want to go to Anthrocon.
I post things here to topics of interest here.
I might in the near future get a fursuit head to complete a partial fursuit.


The classy Captain Furfag
I'm the kind of furry who has the visibility of a wall stud. Not that I really care. I would actually freak out if it was the opposite.


Red Wolf Inquisitor
The type that occasionally buys commissions (and even the occasional NSFW piece) every once a a while. Meanwhile I keep making attempts at producing my own art and writing my own stories but keeping them unsubmitted because I don't feel they're up to snuff.


New Member
I like art. I'd like to make it someday. Cons would be fun as long as I could wear some kind of mask or something. Got lots of furry friends that are fun to chill with. I just like screwing around reading the forums, browsing the explicit art and whatnot. It's been fun.

hey look a train!

mercenary, hunter killer
well, i try to participated but its hard to do when you are both seventeen and poor, but i am working on my drawing skills (which are getting progressively better and better) but i hope that i can get my fursuit together finally... which is the hardest thing i have ever done... and i've flipped a truck over! but i really want to get to a furcon, you know just check it out and meet some new people.
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Artist and art appreciator. I love doodling my pibbles.

Mikazuki Marazhu

I hate you all
Hmph? I just appreciate the art and the friendly community. Of all the circles of online friends I have.. Furries are the friendliest.
I look at the art, I talk to people who're into it, I goof around with people who're into it, I inform people it's not just about sex when I see that I actually can change someone's mind about it, and I secretly write stuff that I'm too scared to post, but I sometimes do post a bit of the things randomly without even telling people what it is.


From The Future
I haven't contributed much to the fandom as of late :< I'm trying to be more active now, though, and hopefully meet some people! I do some drawing, but it's often procrastinated forever. I'd love to go to cons if most of them weren't so far away!


Eater of Apples
Right now, just watching and trying to get in the door!
But I'd like to draw or write, though I'm admittedly not sure either would be terribly good.