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What kind of furry are you?


Drunken Pirate
I'm an antho Siberian Tiger. Mostly the same as me, 6'6", a little crazy, sort of an oddball even in amongst oddballs, predetermined to mess around and not take much seriously. The only difference (besides being furry) is the eyes and excessive scarring.
I'm your typical evil western red fire dragon... Yeah...


New Member
My character is just a Bengal tiger, Nothing special, aside of having very little white markings and a >X< on her tail : p .
I am a mean furry. Grr grr. So on so forth.
Or rather a opossom.


*points over at avatar* Ima big white stripey kitty! what do they call us again? Oh yeah! Siberian White Tigers~ ^_^
I'm a black cat with a few white stripes here (anthro), but on another site, I'm a lioness (non anthro).


New Member
A red western antro dragon...nothing more,nothing less. :)


some dragon
An anthropomorphic zamboni which typically winds up pondering the philosophical principals of clearing the ice for a bunch of hockey players who will wind up beating the crap out of each other for a thick piece of cyllindrical plastic and also idly discusses the possibilities of suicide via doing the thing it does best, which is be a zamboni, but like doing it on an icy lake and then suddenly going over to the thin part of the ice and falling through it and dying.


I'm a half sg'ulh'hh'hfffr'tl'fffh (it's my very own species I created myself!) (name is subject to change any time I want)


Bokra, come out to pla-ay
I'm a being of Pure Awesomeness.
Anthro tiger mostly, but I do like to change things around every now and again.
A long-ears black/white collie dog-man here. Just a dog-person wearing clothes, can talk, and can see the colours..etc. xD

I was hedgehog when I was Sonic fanboy,but I'm no longer Sonic fanboy (just general fan) and hedgehogs didn't suit me fine. Dogs, however, does.