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What Kind Of Illnesses, Disabilities or Psychological Problems Do You Have?


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I have an extremely sensitive tongue. If I eat something that has too much salt, sugar, citrus, etc, my tongue will develop horrible canker sores about an inch wide along it's sides. But there is an upside, because I can taste virtually every ingredient in everything.

I also have a very rare form of dyslexia that acts very similar to ADD, but it is not. And I can read fine by the way, its not like regular dyslexia at all.


Posing school graduate
Aspergers (Mild)
Mood swings
I have trouble translating my thoughts into words
I'm my own worst critic, so almost anything and everything I make/write gets scrapped almost immediately after it's made
I'm sure there is some other mental stuff in there but I haven't been to a doctor/shrink in ages


Random furfag
Let's see. I've had a pretty moderate stammer as well. I have a pretty mild anxiety disorder, that's probably caused by my stammer. Still haven't seen a doctor/psychologist about it, because it's pretty minor and it doesn't effect me much.


has a sexy learning disability
I'm perfect in every way.

Also juvenile diabetes. My pancreas doesn't work. I was too perfect that something blew. (Actually, overactive immune system is a theory why.)


I`m a mild schizophrenic, other than that perfectly healthy, except for a small limp in my left leg from a motorcycle accident.