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What kind of person are you socially?


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I'm basically the definition of a wall flower -- I prefer to stay on the sidelines and only occasionally provide my opinions. My reasons are kind of convoluted but it basically boils down to social anxiety and thinking that no one wants to hear my opinions. Because of this anxiety, I put a lot of effort into what I do say, so that my output is meaningful and neutral.

I have gotten better at presenting myself in a positive way so I don't alienate myself from my friends, but socializing is still really hard. ^^;


Undesirable :v

I'm introverted. I avoid socializing, then I'm sad because I'm always alone. Part of the reason I only log on every couple of months.


Interesting answers.

Personally I'm a bit of a mixed bag.

I'm an introvert: I like thinking, pondering, doing research, watching videos on everything from nature to physics to political issues. I like being on my own with my own shit. I generally avoid people. A headset with music on my ears is a good and easy way to avoid unnecessary contact.
I'm sometimes an extrovert: Around people I like, I will simply be myself. Finding topics to talk about is not hard, as we already know each other.

First, on my anti-social side:
I hate people in general. Being around people drain my energy, especially new people I've not met before. I don't know exactly how to explain it. After a while I just gotta GTFO there. If I can, I will avoid people. A bit of social anxiety, Asperger's and a general strong dislike for people combined with working at a support department in an electronics store is never a fun combination. But, to combat my social anxiety, there are no better ways IMO to fight it than to jump straight into it and fight it directly. I have no intention of cowering in the corner, going "I don't like/want this, and thus I will avoid it".

Second, on my social side:
I take time to warm up to people, sometimes it takes a lot of time. Once I've warmed up, I can easily talk about the most random shit for hours on end. There are few people I like and even fewer people I really like.

I always give people the benefit of the doubt. The doubt to prove if they are worth my time or not. It's usually easy to see from a short conversation. So far, this "sense" is often spot on.

yeah but you can socialise and do your own thing there's some days where i'm invited to go do something but i just say no simply because i want to stay home and do my own thing

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I'm generally a very polite person, and the more polite, considerate, respectful, and reserved I am to someone, the less I like them. If I let you see my emotions, insult you, or show little concern about concealing my true thoughts, opinion, or worries, the more likely you are to be my friend. I value my family and friends first, myself second, my associates third, and all others not in the slightest. Hence, most people I have only formal interactions with enjoy my presence, while those who know me well and have my trust generally dislike me or at best find me irritating.

I try not to let this prevent me from meeting new people and making new friends, but finding people who I can be friends with is rather difficult, as my values conflict heavily with most people I've met.


I tend to be very shy, introverted and wary of others, in some part due to past trauma (gotten over it mostly but the damage is done). As a result I tend to lurk and watch from a distance to try and gauge how people are before even considering socialising or being in the slightest bit vocal.

For example every time Iv ever worked in a new environment with new colleagues I tend to keep to myself and actively avoid conversation or social contact until months later when in my mind said people are more or less a known quantity and I can slowly start to get more comfortable around said people and talk more. I'am that way in almost every social environment, I start off by lurking and actively trying to not be noticed, then once I feel less anxious about the people around me I get more vocal and gradually start being more sociable, and in some cases I can eventually start to get kind of catty (but in a playful kind of way).

Other than that I know I score very consistently as an INFJ on the Myers Briggs personality test.

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I'm introverted as fk. I'm the kind of guy who, if for some reason goes to a party, will sit somewhere in a far corner with a drink and will leave early.
Social interactions make me exhausted.

I can't say it's because I don't like people. I don't like myself is more accurate, although not entirely.


I honestly have absolutely no idea who I am socially:

Some days i'll be extremely social and just the run of the mill extrovert who won't learn to shut the f*ck up, while other days I'll be that introvert in the corner and the entire world will be dead to me. I guess it really just depends on my mood, but it's about 50/50 which way I swing that day. Regardless I tend to be a sarcastic AF asshole who won't tolerate your shit if you try to belittle anyone close to me, or well honestly just about anyone.


I'm introverted, and hard to read. Although I can hold my own in most social situations, I usually just want to be left alone.

Usually. If we get along well, I become more talkative and humorous as the friendship develops. This surprises some people.


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Socially awkward and introverted. Though I can hold my own in social situtations, it's exhausting.

I am often friendly, supportive and snarky and am pretty good to be around in a small group of friends.

But rarely I'm prone to being a brooder, mood swings and getting pissed off on occassion for different reasons. Push me too far and I will bite your head off.

But, I also have a major urge to help people out in trouble or in need of help or just shoulder to lean on, respect opinions, have a good sarcastic sense of wit and a strong sense of morals. Heck, IRL, I often thought I wasn't well liked when it turned out alot of people actually liked me quite a bit.

In short? A quiet, friendly guy who occasionally turns into a jerk with a heart of gold. Thankfully, the latter rarely happens.

Also, I tend to be a hybrid of INFP/INTP.
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I've gotten more sociable as I've gotten older. I still don't like big groups, though. I'd rather talk to one or two people in a quiet place. I just shut down in big groups, especially in loud environments like bars. My job forces me to interact with people all day long, but my location prevents me from having a social life outside of work. My social life is entirely online, and soon to include fur cons.


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I'm shy but I'm not introverted. I take some time to connect to people but when I do, I usually end up spending a lot of time with thrm.


I can be incredibly shy in social situations with new people, but really only if they're of my age group or higher- or in a higher position of power. People I consider young'ins don't trip me up as much, and I feel more comfortable around them from the start because fuck what they think about me. Young, old, or in between, I typically open up after awhile.

I'm not extroverted or introverted. I like being around friends and going out to do things, in fact I find myself scheduling activities with them for most of the days of the week. However, I hate being in large crowds and some social gatherings can be really exhausting, especially if I have to have network or "people". I'm content to be by myself and enjoy quiet times not in the outside world. I'm sure there's a word for that, but I don't know what it is.


The sheep
I don't like crowds and prefer not to talk to people if I can avoid it, but I'm very good at saying precisely what I mean to say in person and grasp concepts well so I do very well in technical work related situations. I'm too plain to be outgoing, but I'm very sharp when it comes to cutting through the bullshit and getting to the meaty parts of a conversation. I often reveal through insight what people never meant for me to know which makes for some very meaningful conversation once they're exposed enough to just get it over with and tell me the whole story.

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More introverted but not necessarily shy or unwilling to talk, I just need moments of absence from general things happening around me. When talking, I prefer one-on-one conversations or conversations involving more than two people that isn't all over the place and never recalls any past talking points (It not only feels pointless to me but I forget it too easily as well). I'm not terribly excited or emotional about anything unless I'm really invested in that discussion or thing. Otherwise it is difficult to grab anyone's attention because I initially draw absolutely none.

Austin Silver

"A high-functioning sociopath."
That describes just about everyone, if you really think about it.
I guess that's true. Than let me be more specific:
I am rather antisocial, I don't understand friendships and would rather not bother with them had I a higher self esteem and a lowered opinion on public thought. At the same time I find myself entering into the periodical mindset of "painfully lonely." I've never had close human companionship which makes me very socially awkward. I do not understand certain things like surprise, social cues, or raisin bread. On the occasion I find myself in a social situation, I try my best to seem non-robotic and less psycopathic. (People dislike finding themselves in the company of moderate sadists and cynical, pessimistic, mad-men). When talking with a group of people, I struggle to match the natural flow of human conversation. On a good day, I'm smart enough to observe silently. On a bad day, I actually try. I shouldn't try. See, I used to want friends. As a child I was lonely, confided only to the dearest of polyester animals. I tried too hard to make friends and ended up failing miserably, leading me to my current disposition on friendship in general. Why try so hard when the effort is never returned?

So to recap, my social life is a failure. I'd rather it not exist. I'm painfully aware of what other people think of me and it bothers me day in, and day out. I have no friends, they think I'm weird. I live under a rock, I don't know what a "dab" is or what a "meme" is. I'm perfectly happy existing in a state of total solitude, crying occasionally at my lack of human interaction. I entertain myself with the thought that when I end, or that when the world ends around me, I will no longer need to concern myself so much with others. I am stuck in a vey confusing place. Both wanting and blatantly denying social-anything. So, in a quote from a television show, someone calls Sherlock a "psycopath," he responds, "I'm not a psycopath, I'm a high functioning sociopath." A genius statement to fit all of the above to a "T".

Now, can someone please explain rasin bread?

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I'm very much an introvert as I rarely speak in groups or hang out with people in my free time. Even though people might see me as lonely (which actually is partially true too), I'm most happy when I can just do things on my own and not be around many people. Maybe it also sounds like I don't like having friends which on the other hand isn't true - I like having friends but it often anguishes me that I can't always provide them all the friendship in the form of spending time together because I'm easily overwhelmed by social situations and need time to recharge afterwards. Maybe I'm unsocial but not exactly antisocial.

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"A high-functioning sociopath."
I'm that one kid in school that attempts to talk to someone, but just fails and then falls on his group of lame friends. I can speak, and I'm kind og the class clown, actually. But, I'm just awkward...
At least you have a circle of awkward friends...