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What kind of person are you socially?


Introverted observer.
I've been called intimidating often. But I can be charming and harmless looking when I'm not under pressure of too many people.
With close friends, though? I'm the type to sneak in to restricted areas and sing and dance in the rain, always convincing friends to Live Life.


Introverted. Prone to random short laughter "heheh" at the end of sentences due to feeling nervous and being socially awkward.
Confirmed to have social phobia, so walking outside the door is a challenge but I still travel with bus to work everyday.
I view most people as objects, avoid eye contact. I usually wear shades to cover up my eyes.
It is very easy to socialize with people online, even talking to people over Discord or in-game is easy.. not just as long as it is in person.


The Cutest Siberian Flying Squirrel
I am a mix of both an extrovert and I am socially awkward/introverted! I am very friendly and outgoing most of the time when it comes to chatting online... But I can be socially awkward in the sense that I tend to stammer/ramble and repeat myself at times. When it comes to being introverted I don't get out of the house much/don't see the need too most of the time... Due to being introverted I find that I do not have many friends outside of the internet. Although I am looking to change, and try to be more confident with talking to new people in public... It is going to be a struggle but I am willing to try! ^o^


Its not the human race, its just the human race
I am an introvert in the sense that social interactions tire me greatly and I could be awkward upon first meeting people. However, give me enough time I'll socialize and maybe reveal the other layers of my personality. I'm sure there are many people who act similarily to the way I do.


New Member
I'm definitely more of a mix of the two!! though my MBTI type is ENFP, so more of an extrovert than an introvert ig hahah


Detecting cats...
I'm intensely socially awkward and introverted, but I do like to connect to people.

I find social things to be exhausting and I need time to recover from them, but since I moved to a new area I need to meet new people just to keep from becoming a total hermit. I prefer hobby-based social groups because I can talk about a hobby more easily than anything else.

I find the internet easier, but if it's not someone I know, chat is still stressful-- I don't do very well with any 'real time' communication method, I prefer something where I can take a little time to write my thoughts out, without stressing out about that little '...' typing thing stressing out the person waiting on me for a reply. But with friends and familiar RP partners it's easy enough, or if I can just lurk on the outskirts of a friend's group chat and chime in occasionally but not bear any real responsibility for the conversation flowing (although a group chat has its own stresses)


The Empress has Returned
I'm a pretty extreme introvert when I'm AFK. I only have about 3-4 actual friends, and even around them, I don't know how to be social. I'm the kind of person that researches the typical flow and structure of conversations just so that I can hold one that others will enjoy, but on the other hand, I'm the person that won't ever shut up once I find a topic I know about. I tend to be better at conversing within an RP or within any other setting in which I can let down some mental barriers I put in place (I.e. Dungeons & Dragons. Which I play a lot of).


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I'm really social when I feel like and I've never had any problems socializing with people, but I just really cant be bothered to for some reason and I just lock myself up in my room where its quiet and nicee

Sergei Sóhomo

Introvert but I manage fine in social situations that aren't work. When it comes to work I'm a pretty energetic and extroverted person


New Member
Cant talk with other elder and has two faces with people: one for closer friends one for umfamily people.

Water Draco

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Introverted but OK around people I know but meeting new people and large groups of people can be challenging. Tend to listen to what is being sed and try and contribute in a meaningful way. Although I can easily get left behind in conversations because of the difficulty I have with word phonics and the problems this causes with pronouncing, reading and writing words. So before I speak a sentence I will have reworked it half a dozen times in my head to get the wording right to make it easier to say. Which can be very tiring. Otherwise people can get impatient while I stumble with what I try and say or just talk over me.

With practice I have been able to stand in front of a delegations of 200 + people giving instructional talks on how to correctly opperate medical equipment, and by the end have people who at first were reluctant to even to touch the equipment equipment, then being the first to enthusiasticly take it up during the practical session I would lead after the talk.


Smoll Dari
Sadly I'm very blunt, can get mean at times, very outgoing yet introverted, and I suffer from genetic depression so my mind is my worst enemy.