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What kind of underwear do you wear ?

Butters Shikkon

Patron Saint of Queers
Underwear? I like long-johns in the winter,

My father actually wore Long-Johns when I was little.

It always looked so damn uncomfortable. >.<


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Well, I might as well contribute to this thread. I wear boxer briefs. I haven't worn any other types of underwear since I was like.. 10 years old.


Fighter of the Nightman
Someone has got a fetish.

Batty Krueger

DJ Nailbunny
I'm infatuated with the male anatomy, I love everything about it. The underwear is but a thin veil, teasing to the eye...one small article of clothing covering the treasure that makes the picture perfect.
Otherwise known as a fetish, you sick, sick man.

Last furry I undressed was wearing "Kitty Loves Monster" briefs with a sheath and peeking tip patterned on them. It was hilarious and cute. :3

Me, I wear CK boxers pretty much all the time. Or commando. I'm indifferent.

I have 3 pairs of those KLM boxers. They are amazing.
Here is my faves, for obvious color reasons.(NSFW)
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Butters Shikkon

Patron Saint of Queers
Call it what you want but we're all humans with needs. I prefer to meet those needs head on and have fun with it rather than treat it like a dirty little secret.

Surely, you weren't "needy" when you made this thread. Because...if you were, I must say this is one of the creeper threads I've come across on this forum.

And I have seen some shit on here.
I have an undies fetish, too. There's no shame in admitting it- I feel more sexy wearing just a pair of boxers and a plain white T-shirt than being naked. And to see patterns or tongue-in-cheek sayings as the fig leaf between someone and total nudity is scintillating.
Ah, another kindred spirit!
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