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What kinds of animals do you wanna see more in the fandom?


Sexy Nibba
Megaminds and cockroaches


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Honestly, more of everything really. More than just the usual stuff like foxes and wolves and bears and rabbits and cats and what have you.

... but especially prehensile-tailed porcupines! I love prehensile tailed porcupines! Though tapirs, ant eaters and pangolins would be awesome too.

I'll actually endorse this too, if only because there's a glut of "Humans turned into an anthropomorphic / feral animal" characters and the reverse has a lot of room. ... Provided, of course, it's handled tactfully: Just like the other way around, I'm pretty sure I don't need to write out how such a concept could be handled.... poorly.

I disagree. I feel like regardless of how you turn a non human into a human, you end up removing a lot of the uniqueness in that character simply by turning it into a human IMO.

Also it's not that rare. Have you ever heard of Pokemon gijinkas? You'll find one or two for just about every single Pokemon. That's just an example of non humans turned into humans though.
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Sexy Nibba
Definitely more SCP-173's


Sexy Nibba
Uhh earthworms and sea cucumbers


Haters Gonna Hate
Uhh earthworms and sea cucumbers
Bobbit worms.


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I'd go for iguanas and other lizards.


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Alleycats :p

Shadow of Bucephalus

for me, there's a lot of mammalian species that get neglected. the veridae look very interesting...depsite looking like a leopard have a baby with a weasel. besides that, anything outside of mammals tend to get little to no represetation. not by too much, but when you see a bluejay as a fursona, it feels like a fresh of breath air.
Smarter animals.


(doin' this sorta backwards, but I'm having that kinda day, so...)
I'm not particularly 'Speciest'. Sure, there are animals out there I feel NO attraction towards (anything slug-related, parasites, insects, etc..). That doesn't mean they shouldn't exist in the Furry Fandom, merely that 'I' don't wanna get all touchy-feely-snuggleupwith.
Sue me.
One of the things that attracted me to the Anthropomorphic 'Fandom', was the DIVERSITY of creatures people make and portray. I arrived from the Classic Greek, Roman, and Hindi theological studies, and THEY are chock-full of 'Anthro-Beings'. I didn't have to make a leap of philosophy to wrap my mind around this modern 'Furry' perspective.
Mostly I find it intriguing, often alluring (not just in the XXX way, either!), and sometimes shockingly insightful.