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What kinds of animals do you wanna see more in the fandom?


Lady Shark doo doo doo doo doo doo
Oh I will give you fishies......
Looks tasty. :D

Coleen the Ukkat

*The glass being would point to itself.* Ukkats deserve more credit. There's only like one ref sheet for our whole species.


Dolphins and sharks. I'd like to see more of them, also crocodiles / reptiles in general, I've seen great scalie stuff but there's really not too much of it.


I have never seen any African animals but lions.
We need more of them.


nose-bleeding disaster
maybe some funny and completely unexpected chimeras like half horse half fish creatures, or things like this !
I've seen a lot of great ideas in this thread, makes me really inspired !

I Don't think I've seen a lot of zebras, parrots, moths (bugs in general :0 ! )


Anything not a dog, fox, cat or dragon. Ive never seen a koala, so that would be nice.

Also monkeys!

Come to think of it, besides typical dragons Ive never seen other fantasy creatures anthropomorphized. A cerberus would be interesting, fun to work with three different heads, possibly personalities? A jackalope would be cool, unicorns OUTSIDE of the MLP fanbase, uh, a hydra... not sure what else but I think you get it.

I really really hate bugs, but I have sime cute design ideas in my head for a bee girl, and a ladybug boy.


I'd like to see more hybrid species. Like Shark/Cat, or Hare/Tiger. There isn't really a right way to draw hybrids because they're up to creative interpretation, which makes them all the more interesting!